Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Day Today!

Yesterday was just one of those days that you don't know what to do with your kid. Do you take them back to the hospital or leave them home and try to work through it? As I said in the earlier post, we have really struggled with K's O2 levels. Today, she has still needed extra oxygen and her cough continues to be awful. I am starting to worry that pneumonia will be right around the corner if I can't clear this junk out of her.

Last night was the balance between keeping your kid comfortable without suppressing their respiratory system. I decided to cut the lortab dose in half for her in hopes that it would still help her feel better without making her sats take a nose dive. It seemed to work well until the fever came. I then went for a full dose of Tylenol keeping my fingers crossed that it would both ease the pain and relieve the fever. It worked well and I dumped the Lortab since its no longer needed (I don't want that stuff hanging around when it's not needed). Her sats through the night as well as today have continued to struggle but seem to be making slow progress. She has been getting headaches but I think they may be due to all the nasty meds in her system and the lower O2 sats. I am keeping my fingers crossed that her heart is still holding steady. With all this stress on it, her heart rate has sure increased.

Eating and drinking have not been too successful around these parts for Kaidence. I really thought that she would be running around and ready for her first day of preschool on Tuesday but I am not sure that will work out. Today she told me that she just "wants to be normal again." Poor girl feels so icky but I LOVE the fact that she thinks her life is NORMAL....I find humor in that. We will take one day at a time and let her recover at her own speed. Thank you for your prayers. They have been felt.


Mimi said...

What a sweetie! I love that too... normal kid!! What a good reminder for us momas that sometimes despite getting owie pokes all the time they still feel normal.

I hope you guys make it to preschool! She deserves it!

Ame said...

You are in my prayers. Let me know if I can help in any way. Ame

Allison said...

I have been thinking about you guys today. I hope that it has been a day of rest and that her pain is getting under control so that sats are a little easier to maintain. Hugs!