Monday, October 10, 2011

Many Thanks!

A sincere Thank You to all who have prayed for Kaidence and for those that fasted yesterday. I even know some little children that chose to fast for Kaidence. That touches my heart deeply. We feel so much love and peace in our home. Even moments of joy in our hearts. That my friends is what your prayers are doing for us. Please keep them coming.

Today was another clinic visit. It will be a busy week with different appts. We have a total of 5 doctors appointments this week.....yikes! Cardio went well. We met with Dr. E and she confirmed the 'game plan'. Things are ready to go. We will set aside the day after her heart cath to meet with all the different teams if we need to list her. Some of you may know that we have had a big trip in the making for years. That trip is to take place next month. Tickets have been purchased for a trip to DisneyWorld. The findings at the end of the month will determine whether or not that trip will still take place. Until then we will wait and count our many blessings!

You may start to see us out and about a little more. PLEASE, if you are sick stay away. We would love to visit with you but Kaidence getting sick would cause many problems for her at this point. It could even keep her from getting a new heart. We may venture out to church in a few of weeks. If you plan on taking your child to church sick....please let us know so that we can keep Kaidence away. Miss K loves going to primary and she needs it just like other kids do. She may be sporting her pink mask but hopefully she can get out a little more.

Todays echo still looks good. In fact, her leaky heart valve looks improved. Still no signs of the coronary artery disease on her echo. We are watching things closely. Her next heart cath is on the 27th. Dr. E has been out of town since the day of her heart cath. I was finally able to talk with her and let her know what Mike and I have decided. I also let her know that I recognize that it's out of my hands. I went on to tell her that we have been fasting and praying for her as well as Kaidence. She is grateful for the prayers. We all may not believe the same but in the end our prayers are all heard by the same God and those prayers are all meant to bring good to another.

How good it feels to turn it all over to Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the good days that we have. We are being blessed. Thank You all for your kindness. We have been blessed by many good deeds. The food that is filling my freezer is such a blessing. Our pharmacy gave her a gift certificate for the both us us to go get manicures together. She will LOVE getting her nails painted. What little girl wouldn't? Our lawn was mowed by a wonderful ward member. The cards we receive with kind words cheering us along are appreciated. To our sweet friends at Grow Up Great .......Thank You for the dance classes for Miss Kaidence. She is SO EXCITED!!!!! You know her all too well. You have given her another opportunity and moment to be a little girl. I cannot wait to watch her dance until her hearts content. Hoping for many more years of dancing to come!

We are full of gratitude for all that we have been given.

Elder Scott has recently counseled: “Trust in God … no matter how challenging the circumstance. … Your peace of mind, your assurance of answers to vexing problems, your ultimate joy depend upon your trust in Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ” (“The Sustaining Power of Faith in Times of Uncertainty and Testing,” Liahona and Ensign, May 2003, 76, 78).

I have loved this talk"W.+Craig+Zwick")


Petersen Palace said...

Hello Kadience and family,
I came to your blog through your friend Abby's blog. I don't know them personally but their story is amazing. I am a "blessed" heart mommy too and can't read a heart blog without leaving a note. We started the adventure this year with a new baby born with CHD, later RSV, a coarctation, flailed mitral valve, not knowing if he would survive, 2 open heart surgeries, lots of meds, lots of love, pulmonary hypertension, and surgeries in the future...I am so sorry about all your recent stress and impressed at how well you seem to be with having turned it all over to the Lord. Isn't it amazing the peace that comes with that? We did that too and we have been lucky enough to still have our little guy with us. Your little Kaidence sure sounds like a faithful fighter. I hope and pray she gets what she needs. Good luck with all your appointments this week, we are driving up for an echo on Monday. I'm so glad you have so much support coming your way. I have felt the same from my amazing ward through it all. It is so great to have other places for your kids to play during the hospital day. Know that you are loved by another heart friend whom you have never met.

Jenn :)

Heidi McMillan said...

So glad that your family is filled with peace during this time. Prayers and fasting truly is amazing!! We will continue to pray.