Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ready To Rock!

They just took Miss K to the Cath Lab. It should take 2-3 hours. Dr. D is doing her cath and he is the one that did it 4 years ago to get her listed. He is a great guy and I have complete trust in him. Kaidence was so excited last night.....she couldn't sleep. She LOVES this place. She had asked if we could play 'Eye of the Tiger' for her as she went into the cath lab. That totally cracked me up. Well, I didn't have the song ready SO I had to sing it for her. Now that we are all pumped full of adrenaline......we are now ready to fight!
How I count my blessings that she loves her mission in life. I have already started to see Heavenly Fathers hand in many things. Those taking care of Kaidence will be guided and directed, I KNOW that will happen. Thank You for your prayers. Gotta run to all of our meetings now. I will post ASAP!!!!!


cici said...
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cici said...

Prayers are being wrapped around your little Angel!

Allison said...

She wanted you to sing Eye of the Tiger??? Hysterical!! I hope that is a happy memory to get you through this every long and emotional day. We are praying that she does well in the cath lab and that you can all be guided to make the very best decisions for her!

ParkerMama said...

You are absolutely right. Dr. D is wonderful and we trust him completely too.

Keeping you in our prayers.

Tammy and Parker