Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1st day with a new heart!

Today has been so busy.......Kaidence had a great night.  After being extubated at 3:00 she had to wait until 8:00 to drink.  I think that she asked me every 5 minutes what time it was. At last she was able to drink and drink she did! Last night Kaidence woke up asking for the "game basket for when she got her heart". Back in December we were given an incredible basket full of games, gift cards and candy.  We told the kids to save it for when K got her heart.  That way we would have something fun to do together at the hospital.  Sure enough, Kaidence (drugged and all)went through that basket last night and she was so excited. Today she has been a little sleepy.  It's funny because she will open her eyes, try to sit up and ask to play a game.  Then she is asleep within 10 seconds of that.  I promise sweet girl, you will have plenty of time to play all those fun games!

Today she needed to go get a new picc line behind her knee because the one in her arm needs to be removed due to the blood clot.  They are also planning on pulling 2 lines in her groin and 2 lines in her neck.  She has spent the whole day sleeping. Dr. K,  her surgeon wanted to have her up and walking today but that is unlikely since she is still sedated from the procedure. Also, she has an effusion on her left side because Dr. K was unable to get a chest tube in due to scar tissue (likely from the artificail heart 5 years ago). She is pooling blood in on that side but they are hoping it will be absorbed by her body. She still has in 3 chest tubes but she is dong well with her bleeding.  Today she also recieved a blood transfussion (thank you to all who donate blood)! 

This afternoon her aunts and brothers came to see her.  They held her hands but she slept the whole time. Her aunts decorated her room and her brothers brought her roses from Angel Grandma's (k's namesake) garden.   

So sorry this post is all over the place.  Lots going on and little brain power left in me.  My heart and mind have been with the family who gave us this heart.  My prayers are for them. So much gratittude for saving my childs life as their world crumbbled around them.  Please continue to pray for them.  Much love to you all......


Unknown said...

So thankful for social media! I have felt so connected in spite of the distance...Please tell K that I love her and she is the bravest girl I know! God willing I will see her soon. Xoxoxox

Em said...

This is such great news! It is so funny how kids (even when sleepy or drugged) can remember things! I swear they have the minds of elephants!

Mindi D said...

Love her!!

Ranee said...

LOVE this! So glad everything continues to go well! <3 Praying for continued good news and a great recovery! :)

Tammy Hopkins said...
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Tammy Hopkins said...

Beautiful Shauntelle! God bless you all! I've been praying for Miss K for a long time and have most certainly added the donor family.

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