Friday, December 21, 2007


First of all please notice that Mike put on some updated pics. Up in the upper left hand corner of the blog is another link that will take you to more pictures. Thanks a bunch love. Looking at the pictures I am amazed at how far we have come. I can picture what she used to look like when she was very sick ( I didn't take pictures of Kaidence when she looked really bad because if something happened I wanted to remember her happy and healthy).Things are very well and we are getting ready for a Christmas like no other. I think that although our Christmas will be very far from traditional we will forever hold this Christmas in the softest parts of our hearts. Every time I walk down to the cafeteria, I get emotional at all of the people bringing in wrapped Christmas gifts to donate to the hospital. That hospital could never be what it is without all of those that donate. Those donations of whatever it may be are put to very good use and the children love getting a special something brought to their bedside just because someone is thinking of them.
We also could never be what we are without all of you. Thank You for all that you have given. And a very special Thank You to the family that made special secret delivery to our home last night. Your gift and example will be carried on forever in our home as long as we are alive. We will think of the sweet sacrifice that was made by your children as we teach our children like you have taught yours. May you be blessed for your love and sacrifice. We will blog the big things that take place over the weekend, if anything different takes place. If Kaidence does get a special gift we will notify everyone by the blog and we will then keep it up more frequent during the Christmas Holiday.... So still check in every once in a while during all of the craziness. Merry Christmas and we love you.!