Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Kaidence is still pretty sweaty today. She seems tired and a little fussier at times. I think that she has more teeth on the way because she chews on anything and everything. She also gets very excited when she she is about to get her numbing medicine for her gums. I don't think that she feels very well the last couple of days and I just hope that we can keep her healthy so that she can get a heart. I am starting to feel a little more anxious.


Unknown said...

Keep holding on to that feeling you told me about Shauny. That's what will get you through those anxious moments. It did me. Kaidence is amazing man, what a fighter. She reminds me of her mom. You are in everyone of our prayers daily. Love ya, Paula

Anonymous said...

Shaunatelle and Mike, Thank you for the beautiful letter. I feel so blessed to feel of your spirits and your testimonies. I know that waiting is a hard thing to do. But I also have faith that when things are right that the miracles will come. I am holding out for my miracle with my son, and your miracle for Kaidence. I feel so strongly that Heavenly Father is waiting for a perfect heart.The spirit of that choice son or daughter will live on in Kaidence. And it will be from a from a perfect and choice spirit. I feel that this little spirit that will be donating knew that they would have a special mission hear on earth. And as Kaidence has agreed to this mission in life. I feel that this choice little spirit agreed to this mission as well. So hang in there and the Lord will provide, when this other little Angels work is done hear on this earth. Love to you all. I am looking forward to Christmas Eve with everyone. Love to you all, Aunt Deb

carolyn q said...

Oh, I just checked in and what great pictures you guys have added.
I hope her teething gets better and she can get some relief.
I will be stopping by on Sunday evening at PCMC to leave the Bear, so hopefully I will see you then.
You guys are amazing Praying for a new heart for Kaidence's Christmas miracle gift.
Carolyn Quigley