Friday, January 11, 2008


So we are a little slow with the pictures but we will get them. Leaving the PICU yesterday was very hard. I felt like I was moving away from all of my friends. Everyone came to tell Kaidence goodbye yesterday and she of course loved being passed around them and all of the loves and attention that she got. Kaidence's heart surgeon came in and told her goodbye and thanked us for being willing to take a chance with the Berlin Heart. I told him it was easy to do with the peace I felt regarding it. She wore her beautiful Christmas dress home. We placed her little white mask over her nose and mouth and wheeled her out of the PICU in her famous bright green stroller as we waved like we were in a parade. Everyone stood along the bedsides and quietly clapped and cheered for little Kaidence. Before leaving the big gray PICU doors I took an eraser and erased Kaidence's long standing name under bed #12 off of the PICU white board. Very Bitter Sweet. I truly love these people, doctors and nurses for saving my child's life and falling in love with her as they did. I am sure they have worried about her since she has left but many have this blog, so hopefully they will pass on the news that yes we did make it through the first night.
Kaidence loved the car ride home. She came home to hearts and signs all over our front yard. Her brothers couldn't wait to hold her. We let people peek at her through the car window in our driveway. She was so excited to be held by her brothers and see her doggy Kirby. Mike and I spent the night getting organized and using the label maker to label all of her medicine syringes with the name and the dose so that we can reuse them and draw them all up the night before. I typed up some instructions and medicine charts. Kaidence didn't miss a beat when it came to being home. She took a four hour nap (I usually wouldn't let her nap that long but mike and I needed the time). She woke up and played and went to bed and slept the whole night. I had to wake her this morning to do her meds. She has played all day long and loves being home.


Wendy P said...

All I can say is WOW! You are so amazing! Have fun and we hope to get to peek at some pics in her new dress - when you have time! I know you have a TON of things to do being home. You have our love and prayers and our JOY!!!! Love you all! Wendy & Sarah & all of our friends and family who ask about you.

Wendy P said...
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Melissa said...

I am so glad you guys are home. Good job organizing the meds. I hope you can keep it all straight. Give our love to Kaidence!
Melissa & family

Traci said...

I am so happy for your family. I got tears in my eyes reading about you going home and remembering our trip taking Mikayla home after her time on the BI Vads. Its such an amazing thing what the Drs can do nowdays. Congratulations..Things are going awesome..Hopefully we will run into you during transplant appointments. Miracles do happen, we both have our baby girls to show for it.
We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers and thoughts.
Traci Wardle (Mikayla)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are going to be very very busy. It made me cry reading you last blog. I bet it was a very emotional experience for you when you walked through the PICU and took her name off the board. What a incredible experience this has been. I know that you and Mike will be a strengthening post for other families that may go through the same or similar experiences. You are both so wonderful and such great examples to all of us. Love Aunt Deb

Sam Anderson said...

I'm so excited that her first night home she did so well. yout in our hearts and prayers.
Love Melynda and family

kid RN said...

kaidence, shauntelle, mike and kids,
Wanted to see how things are going at home--quite a change from the hospital eh? Also, I wanted to let everyone know how rewarding it was to be able to give lil K a kiss and send her home after all that hard work.
love always Tiffany RN