Monday, January 7, 2008


We are getting ready to bring home our sweet little Kaidence. I have a feeling that it will be very obvious to our neighbors when we will be on our way home. The decorations are just waiting. "Word on the street is" that she may be able to come home the end of this week if there are no more problems and if her rejection drug medication levels in her blood stay stable. They are keeping her in the PICU but want me to room in with her, I guess so I can remember how to be her mom again. No, it is really because I will administer medication 35 times a day. 15 of the medications at 8:00 am, I thought mornings were bad before. I am also learning how to do her respiratory therapy and use the suctioning equipment. She is not to happy that I am doing that to her. It is not too bad, basically like placing a feeding tubE and I like seeing how many boogers I can They will send her home on a feeding tube ( been doing that since July) and oxygen and monitor for night time (shouldn't be too bad, we practiced that when we brought our little McCaden home). I will learn how to bag her (breathe for her) with a bag and mask today. That is just a precaution like learning CPR. We are going to be very busy at home. We will go to Cardiology appointments twice a week. Monday she has a cardiology appt. as well as her swallow study. Kaidence is happy and sleeping very well. I must say that she could probably out snore her dad easily right now.


Wendy C said...

Yahoo! I'm sure your neighborhood will be wild - your ward and neighbors have been so fabulous through all this. But that joy will reach far beyond your little street. Love ya all!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mike and Shauntelle and family, what an exciting time for all of you. I know that you will continue to have many blessing come your way. You have been such a great example to all of us. Your story will reach so many people and help them through their struggles and give them hope. We will be awaiting to hear of her day to go home. Love to you all Aunt Deb