Saturday, January 5, 2008

Well not quite Monday

Kaidnce is no longer going to come home on Monday. She had some very low blood oxygen levels last night. Because of this they are going to watch her very carefully. They will run some more tests to see if they can find out the reason. So She wont be comming home for a week or more. We had a couple hour long interview to make sure we know what to expect and what we will need to do for her. Now we will have time to prepare our house for our sweet little one.


Crystal said...

I know how disappointing this is but I PROMISE that it's much better to come home when you can stay home than come home too early and have to go back. I learned this the VERY HARD way. So keep your chin up. She's doing great and will be home before you know it.

Anonymous said...

What a disappointment for you. Hopefully they will find out what needs to be done and fine tune everything. It will be a wonderful day when you can all be home as a family. Your little faith fairy will be fluttering about sooner than you think. Are prayers continue for you. Love Ya, Aunt Deb

Mp said...

Thats o.k., look on the bright side, you want them to make sure all the bases are covered before you go home, its better then doing the back and forth thing to and from the hospital. This will give your family plenty of time to get the house in order and set a plan for her recovery at home in a comfortable fashion and to keep her from getting sick. I am so in awe at how fast is progress...prayers and blessings have done their job!

Hugs, Mike

carolyn q said...

Does it feel like it's two steps forward and one step back? Even so you are making ground and things are moving forward.
Just think of it, now you can have a little more time to prepare everything (not that you haven't been planning this in your mind since she first went into the hospital).
We will continue to keep Kaidence and your family in our prayers.

Megan and Alyvia said...

Kind of dissapointing....but I swear a set back happens for a reason. I know you want Kaidence good and ready before she goes home....and she will be soon enough.
We miss you guys, hang in there!

Wendy C said...

I feel like I know all these people who contribute to your blog so well. Thank you all for your comments and thoughts. Shauntelle, I am so touched by the words you expressed about leaving -you and Mike have the biggest hearts. Continue to trust in the Lord as there has been a reason for everything all along the way. We love you and continue to pray for all of you. Love, Wendy & Sarah

Dixie said...

Just hang in there. You have all come this far. Your day will come, and it will be a great day. We are all pulling for your family to be together. Love Ya, Aunt Dixie

Denise said...

Telle and Mike-
I cried the other night as I read Dad your comments about leaving the hospital. I can only imagine how hard it would be leaving all the wonderful Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers and support personal you've had to lean during this huge test that you've been faced with. When I think of these wonderful people it makes me very emotional also. They've given Kaidence the best of care and sustain her life. How can you possibly say thanks to that?
Many of you have been going through your own pain and grief yet you’ve still been there to offer you love, support and words of comfort, how can we ever thank you? This has been a journey we’ll never forget for we’ve learned so much and seen the Lords hand in Kaidence’s life. Thanks for all your LOVE and Support to our Family.
Love – Mom and Dad