Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I hope that you like the new look. I wanted a fresh change. Kaidence ate tonight and for the first time I could tell that she really wanted to. She had her mouth open and she was ready to eat. She did great, it was so exciting. We are doing her feeds a little differently so that she will hopefully have some sensation of hunger. She getS fuzzier everyday and her eyebrows are thicker and turning dark and her eyelashes are getting longer as well. They were already long to begin with. She is going to the OR on Monday to have her central line removed. Kinda scary doing it as an outpatient. It didn't seem like such a big deal when we were in the PICU. She will spend the majority of the day at PCMC Monday. I just have to be sure they let her recover in her own room and not with somebody else because of her immune system. She looks so good that I don't thik people realize that she just had a transplant. Other then that it's just the same old stuff here. Dealing with SSI (my favorite thing to do) still continues. I am amazed at how many times I can call and how I never seem to make any progress. The boys are happy and full of energy. McCaden has started his own cleaning business. He told Shalyse "My service is free, but I do accept checks". He went and cleaned for her the other day. He says he works everyday but Sunday and Monday. He comes home everyday wondering if he will get a phone call to go to work. Tomorrow he will be cleaning Nanna's house. He asked her on the phone "Is your house still clean? Because I worked really hard on it". Sound familiar mommy's out there? Gotta go and medicate Kaidence!


Sam Anderson said...

We applied for SSI as well, they told us they cant and/or wont give us an update until after the 120days have passed. Some help that is. I hope it works out soon. Our thoughts and prays are with you.
Melynda Anderson