Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sorry about the page layout. I am working on it. I thought that a new look for a new beginning would be a good thing. I will post more a little later.


Denise said...


I'm so impressed with your new page layout. The wallpaper looks great. Thanks for updating the blog because this has come a part of my daily routine. I love reading the blog and comments even though I get to talk to daily. Keep up the great work!

Love - Mom

Mandi said...

I love your new look! Very fitting for such a beautiful little gal! Hey, I wanted to let you know that we were up at Primary for an eye appointment the other day and they had Kaidence of the cover of their weekly newsletter. I recognized her adorable little face from across the room! (And I grabbed an extra copy in case you didn't get one! Let me know if you'd like it!) Hope you guys continue to do so well.
Mandi Coombs