Monday, February 11, 2008


I am sorry that I have not kept you updated more often, that influenza has been pretty yucky. McCaden is feeling better. I thought I was starting to feel better, but today I have felt a little worse. It seems that it is a two part illness. McCaden's was that way and mine seems to be trending that way. The second half however is more cough, voice and sinus stuff. I am trying to decide if Camden is getting it or not. We have had him and Kaidence on Tamiflu and so hopefully they can both continue to avoid it.
Kaidence is doing great. She is taking 4oz tube feeds at a time without any vommiting. I have not had to use suction for over a week. She is also getting rid of the oxygen at night. The doctors are thrilled with how great she looks. We will try to get her another swallow study because I think that she is ready for thinner liquids. I am still trying to teach her how to suck on a bottle. She is our happy little Kaidence and I can't believe that she will turn 1 year on February 23 rd. It has gone by so fast and yet so slow. I guess all I can say is "what a year!"

I wish my spell checker would start working again!!!!


Crystal said...

I'm so sorry you are still sick! It makes the "staying in doors and avoiding all people" even worse. I can not wait for warmer weather so I can leave the house!!

I'm so happy to hear that Kaidence is doing so well. I can't wait until we can actually meet in person so I can see first hand that infectious smile of hers!

Jen said...

Thanks for the comment on Luke's Carepage--what a fun surprise! I love to readyour blog and marvel at the miracle we call Kaidence! She really is amazing. I can't believe her birthday is coming up--what a milestone. I think of you often and love to see pictures of you guys in YOUR HOUSE! What a change, eh?
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Kinder family said...

I hope you all are getting the rest you need. Praying for you all to feel better soon and that Kaidence will not get sick.
Kaidence is so cute with those cute little piggy tales.