Saturday, February 16, 2008


I kept thinking that I would hurry and post a blog but things have been so busy. We are all feeling better and I have my voice back after two days without one ( no voice for a mommy is a very bad thing). Kaidence's hole in her chest finally closed off and so we gave her a bath. Now this was her first bath in our tub ever. Kaidence was always so small before that we would bath her on the kitchen counter on a cookie sheet with a towel on it. Obviously in the hospital she only had sponge bathes. This did not go over to well with Kaidence, she thought that it was pretty scary. Kaidence is wanting to take her milk by mouth. In fact, she has started to pull out her NG tube and put the part that drips the milk into her tummmy in her mouth while her feeding pump runs. She has been doing this often but the bad thing is she still needs to have her swallow tested before we can get the green light to feed her thinned liquids. We are trying to teach her how to suck still and she seems to be improving.
This next week will be busy. We have 3 appointments up at PCMC. Kaidence's Cardiology appointments have gone well.
To celebrate Valentine's Day and Kaidence's Birthday that is coming up we took heart shaped sugar cookies and a card up to the hospital with Kaidence's name on them. It was great to see everyone. We miss them very much but it is great knowing that we have made lifelong friends. Camden and McCaden had their parties at school and had a great time eating all of their candy.
Oh, and we were also sooooo excited to get a check in the mail bigger than the $30. 00 that SSI said they would send us every month. They changed the amount and it will now be the perfect amount so that we can pay for Kaidence's medication every month with it. What a huge relief and what a blessing. After I finished crying we prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for this wonderful blessing and for changing whomevers mind that made the original decision of the $30.00. We know that things will work out for our family and they have so far. We just have to remember to be prayerful and faithful. It is much to easy to get caught back up in to normal grind of life and forget all the lessons that we have learned. I don't ever want to forget what I have learned. I have missed feeling so close to the spirit. When we were making all of these life altering decisions for Kaidence and we were constantly fasting or fasted for. I was amazed at how prominent the spirit was in my life, as though we were true companions.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are getting some financial help.You so deserve it. I hope that you all continue to be on the mend. I am so excited that Kaidence is doing so well. Does she like the sippy cups? I bet that it feels so wonderful to be at home instead of living at the hospital. Hang in there you have all made wonderful progress. Love you all, Aunt Deb

Dixie said...

I am so happy to hear that the Lord answered yet another prayer. I knew that he would work things out for you. I hope that you all stay healthy. I am so happy that you are a family again. Keep up the good work. You are always in my prayers. Love ya, Aunt Dixie

Megan and Alyvia said...

Ohhh, I loved your post. It is so true how we get caught up in life and kind of forget the important things we learned during those hard times. I too, miss being able to feel the spirit so much, life is so surreal in the PICU, then you get home and life just catches up to you! But I know I will never forget the lessons I learned or the friendships I made there.

I am happy Kaidence is doing so well! What a blessing that she is here to celebrate her first Birthday! We still miss you guys, but are so glad you are home!