Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today we had a very busy morning. Kaidence had Cardiology as well as a swallow study. We always knew that we would have some bumps in the road. Kaidence's echo showed that her LPA (left Pulmonary Artery) was very small. They are afraid that it was damaged back when her original heart was so big that it collapsed her left lung. It was most likely smashed by her heart. They will take her in to have a balloon or stint placed in her artery to her make it larger sometime in March. They will have to do an MRI first to learn the severity of it. On a happier note her EF is still looking great and she passed the swallow study today. She passed for thin liquids to be taken from a bottle, sippy cup or cup. We may move to the sippy because she cannot suck very well. As soon as we can get her taking her feeds and meds all by mouth, bye-bye feeding tube. That will be great. We have had the tube since July, this is a huge milestone for us and for Kaidence. We have been asked to do a the PCMC Medical Radio Network on Tuesday. It sounds like we are interviewed for the KSL morning radio program with either Doug Wright or Grant and Amanda. The interview will be on anywhere between 9:20-10:00 am. They are trying to raise money for families that cannot afford their medical bills and all procedes go directly to these families that qualify. Then in June we will be doing the televised Children's Miracle Network. We are keeping busy and hopefully we can help others along the way. I am still trying to get ready for Kaidence's birthday. I am trying to get a picture of her that I can send to "Good Things Utah" for the birthday segment they do. I am having a hard time deciding what route I take for my talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday. WE have been asked to speak on our experiance. Hopefully things will slow down after this week.


Denise said...

The fact that Kaidence passed her swallow study is a BIG thing and a reason to celebrate with a chocolate frosty from Wendy's!!! I know that the LPA will work out in March whether they have to do a balloon or something else. She's proven to be a strong beautiful little girl with a special spirit. We're so proud of the progress she's made and know she'll go on to do wonderful things. You have a lot going on this week, as always you'll be in our prayers. Dad and I are so proud of you and Mike.

Love - Mom and Dad

Love - Mom and Dad

Wendy P said...

Wow - so much going on! I am so happy for the publicity you will be doing as it can help YOU as well as others. You just keep helping others along the way of this journey, don't you? I want to hear you talk in Church on Sunday. I can imagine how much your ward wants to share in this. I want to be there! I am also so proud of you guys. Love ya,

Becky Wertz said...

That is good that she is getting better. Seems heart issues run in the family with Brenda's son now having a murmur and all. Hope things continue to go well for you.