Saturday, February 23, 2008


As I am sitting up working on Kaidence's blog at 12:30am on February 23rd. Mike has been trying to find her blessing pictures, but no luck. Kaidence is sitting with me. She decided that she should be awake as she brought in the big 1 year mark. A little weird since Kaidence never wakes up during the night, she is a great sleeper. She is in an incredibly happy mood as she eats her daddy's head phones. She has also pulled out her feeding tube twice since she was supposed to be sleeping. It is still out.

Last night for the first time I watched the birth video of Kaidence. My heart broke as I watched this sweet little girl being brought into the world and knowing what she would be going through. What a year it has been. We are so grateful for the many blessing and ultimately the many miracles that we have seen manifested in Kaidence's lifetime. We are so proud of her for the way that she has brought so much love, joy and meaning into peoples lives. She has brought us all a lot of perspective on life and what is most important. We are overwhelmed at the many kind deeds that have been given to us. For the fasting and prayers. I hope that we all understand the true power that they hold. The video above is for Kaidence and all of you that have given so much love and support. It is a small review for a big year. The music is from a CD that Kaidence listened to often in the hospital. These songs are very fitting of Kaidence.

Happy Birthday Kaidence and thank you for being your strong, beautiful self. We love you more than words could ever tell. Our family would not be complete without you and we are grateful that we have been blessed enough to continue holding you in our arms everyday. On Your Birthday we remember and thank the family that gave Kaidence her second chance at life. Kaidence you HAVE been a star shinning brightly ..... for the whole world to see!!!!

Love Always and Forever,

Mommy and Daddy


Em said...

Happy Birthday Kaidence! We pray that this year brings you a lot of good times! love, Ryker's Mommy and Daddy

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike and Shauntelle, what a beautiful tribute to Kaidence. What a mile stone this is for all of you. You should be very proud of the way you have gotten through this trial. Tell McCaden and Camden we are so proud of them. We know that this has been a struggle for them as well. It has been a monumental mountain to climb. But all of you have all done it with great dignity and love. We are so grateful for the things that we have all learned. I know that I have a stronger testimony of our Father in Heaven, and have grater faith. When you see a Miracle unfold, it makes you stronger, and gives you hope for the other things that may come in life. We Love you all, Keep up the good work. aunt Deb

Megan and Alyvia said...

Happy Birthday Kaidence!! You have had an incredible first year of life...what an amazing little girl you are.

Kingsford Family said...

Happy Brithday Kadience! We hope your second year of life is much less eventful than your first and that you will continue to grow and do well. What an inspiration you and your family are!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Kaidence! She looks so so cute! And thanks so much for the slideshow. Hers is a life that deserves celebrating each day. We are so proud of her and all of your family. Thanks for your example of courage and faith. We love you and think of you each day.
Justin & Jenn

Jen said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Kaidence dear!
Happy days will come to you all year,
If I had one wish, then it would be...
A Happy, Happy birthday to you from me!

(And then at our house, you get to do a princess spin at the end of the
song!) :)

We love you and are so grateful for your wonderful day!

the Gozart's
Luke's family

Denise said...

First of all we love the slide show which took us thru Kaidence’s first year, it’s quite the tear jerker. What can we say that hasn't already been said for this test has taught us so much this year. We're stronger and more appreciative of the simple things in life. We have a better understanding of Faith and Miracles like never before. We look forward to this next stage in your life as Kaidence continues to gain her strength and do those simple things that we take for granted.

It was so fun watching you play in your chocolate birthday cake as being at your 1st Birthday Party.

Love – Nanna and Pappa Maddock

Djinni said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kaidence!
May you be blessed with many great years to come.
Heart Hugs, Djinni

Crystal said...


You keep pulling that tube out and soon you won't need it at ALL!!

Kinder family said...

Happy Birthday Kaidence. Sorry this is late but it is the first chance i have had to get on. I love the slide show, it brought tears to my eyes. I hope Kaidence had a good day Saturday.Take care and hope you all are feeling well.
Love Jill