Sunday, February 24, 2008


We are having problems with the slideshow. Check back and hopefully it will be working later tonight. The music is no longer playing and we are missing pictures to it.



Andrea said...

Kaidence has come sooooo far. She looks absolutely amazing. Way to go Kaidence! We hope you had a happy first birthday!

the Mathis family
(Intermountain Healing Hearts)

carolyn q said...

Great Slide Show. I just heard you talk on the Radio-Thon and my eyes are full of tears. Just know that we love you guys !!!


Unknown said...

Mike and Shaun,

I just watched that awesome slide show and yes am going to have to go fix my make-up. Thanks for that is was wonderful. Thanks for Sunday too. I just want you guys to know how amazing you guys are. Believe it or not you have inspired alot of people. Isn't it amazing the strength Heavenly Father gives us in our time of need. Wow! Shauny thanks for your friendship it means alot. My kids love hearing about baby Kaidence. When you were talking on Sunday I didn't relize how much we had talked to the kids about Kaidence, when you were giving the timeline of everything Laney was like "then Kaidendce felt better but then she was hurting again." She was telling me about her too and then she said "Then she got her new heart mommy." We love you all so much. You are still in our prayers daily.

Love ya, Mark, Paula, Laney, Max and Kina