Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ok, so we all know that you never go into the hospital for only a day. It just never seems to work out that way. We thought that Kaidence was doing better and that we would be discharged today. The high fever and vomiting came back about 2:30 this morning. The poor thing is just miserable. The fact that she really knows how things go here with IV's and everything else does not help. They can start getting equipment ready for something and she knows what is going to happen next. She just groans and whimpers all day long. Her heart rate and respiration are up as well. They have taken a lot of test to try to find what is happening. They also did a chest x-ray. We are waiting for the doctors and we will keep the blog posted whenever we learn of more.


Jenn said...

Oh, we are thinking of you guys. My heart breaks that you are not going home like you planned. Do you need anything? Emily and I would drive down there in a heartbeat if we thought there was something we could do to help. Maybe you need some oreos for your cupboard? Love you and thinking of you and praying extra hard for you guys.

carolyn q said...

Hey Shauntelle,
I had no idea that anything was up. The last thing I heard yesterday was you talking on the Radio-Thon. Are you in the infant unit? Oh . . I will be checking back to see an update. PRAYING really hard right now that it will be okay.