Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Kaidence had a busy day today. We woke up this morning early to get to PCMC to do our interview for the PCMC radio-a-thon. Before we left the house Kaidence started throwing up. She has thrown up all afternoon and started getting very lethargic and also feverish. She was not wetting her diapers and she kept throwing up all of her heart meds. Unfortunaly we have to have those rejection drugs and so we are back at Primary's tonight trying to get her rehydrated, medicated and find out what she has. She seems to be doing better tonight. She has not thrown up for a few hours. We are hoping to go home tomorrow.

I am still trying to get the slideshow and all 3 of the songs working. May take a little longer than thought.


Kinder family said...

Oh, I am sorry Kaidence is not doing so well. I hope everything is ok with her. Hopefuly it was just all the excitement of being around everyone Tuesday. Wishing you all the best.