Thursday, March 13, 2008


This morning Kaidence's WBC was up to .8 (800). The Doctors are pretty happy that the shot given yesterday boosted the numbers so well. I wish that the numbers were because she did it on her own. Just for the fact alone that I would not have to worry any longer about the Bone Marrow stuff. Instead we will wait and see what next week brings. Had an echo this morning but have not heard any results. We are happy that we get to go home today. We are excited and hopefully we can keep her healthy. We will still do our normal 2x a week appts.

Still waiting to here about Shalyse, but sounds like labor is progressing well.


Kinder family said...

I hope everything went good yesterday and you are now home. That is good news that Kaidence does not need to have bone marrow checked. You continue to pray for your family. Praying that you get the echo results you are all looking for.

Summer said...

We are glad you've made it home. Our prayers are with you. We you be at PCMC Monday? Mason has an apt @ 2pm. Is there anything we can do for you? keep in touch. Summer Strickland

Anonymous said...

It was really good talking to you the other day, made me feel better. With all that we go through it makes me feel old...maybe a little wise but if I admit to that does it mean I am even older??? Thanks for all of the info on the docs, gave me a HUGE peace of mind. I hope we can talk more again soon.