Friday, March 7, 2008


Kaidence has struggled off and on today. Still throwing up here and there. She looks a little pale. However, this evening her color looked much better but after taking her temperature (we have to do that and her heart rate 2x day) decided it may be because she is slightly feverish. I am hoping that her pj's were just too warm and so I changed her clothes and we will see.

I know that this is the place to post if I need to ask for prayers. Please, Please pray for our little friend Carson and his family. Carson and Kaidence were roommates in the PICU in July and we have kept close tabs on each other. He has been at PCMC since the beginning of July and his family lives very far away from Utah. His mom has stayed by his bedside for months as he has fought cancer and his daddy stayed back home to keep things running as he worked and cared for Carson big sis. Unfortunately the cancer has spread. They have taken Carson home to be with his parents, sister and new baby brother that was born yesterday. This is an incredible family that has had their faith tested over and over again. They need our prayers as they continue to have much to endure. We love them and know that we cannot be with them physically as they go through this bitter sweet time in their lives but we can pray for them. Please pray for little Carson that he may have comfort and peace as well as his parents. He has fought so hard. We know it is all in the Lord's hands. We love you Carson and family. Thanks for being an example to our family.


Megan and Alyvia said...

I often think of Carson and his family and was wondering how they were doing. I can't even imagine what they are going through. Our thoughts and prayers will be with them.
Do you know if Carson has a blog or carepage?

We also hope that Kaidence gets feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and also Carson's family. We hope that they can feel peace in their hearts, as they help Carson finish his journey on earth. I hope that Kaidence will get rid of her fever and and upset tummy. Our love to all of you. Aunt Den and Uncle Larry.

Jami said...

I am a PCMC PICU night nurse that has enjoyed following Kaidence's blog. Although I didn't care for her after the VAD and transplant, she always brightened my day with her tenacity and those beautiful blue eyes.

I just wanted to say thank you for the well wishes towards Carson's family. I adore both Carson and his wonderful mom and I will be thinking of them. Tell Heidi hello if you talk to her.

Jami Newman