Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Christian is getting a "Berlin Heart"!!!

Today I received a phone call from Primary Children's asking if I would be willing to speak with a family who's son was in a situation like kaidence was in. I of course was more than happy to be of whatever help I could be. I rembered wishing that I could have had someone to talk with when Kaidence was going through her trials. The mom, Casie told me the story of her cute little Christian. I am asking you to please keep Christian and his family in your prayers. Tomorrow morning at 7 am he will be undergoing surgery to receive the "Berlin Heart." He will be the second child at PCMC to receive this device. We were so blessed to have received it with Kaidence and I am praying that tomorrow will be a new begining for Christian and his family. I am so happy that this program is up and running at PCMC and that others can now benefit from it as well. Thank You to all of the staff at the hospital for making it happen not only for Kaidence but for Christian as well. I think the Doctors learned a lot from doing Kaidence's and that it will go that much smoother for Christian. I am excited to meet his family this week. Thank You Casie for calling me, it helps me as well. Christian has a web page and his link is on the side of this page. Christian you and our family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow is your day for a miracle!


Denise said...

Once again this news brings life quickly into focus. Christian will be in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow. We'll be praying for another miracle.

Love - Mom

Mp said...

Thanks for being so supportive and willing to help others in need! Kaidence is such a strong little girl and such a great example. Please share our group with them we would love to help support them and the use of the Berlin Heart.
I have been e-mailing back and forth, with the guy who is overseeing the Berlin Heart study at 10 hospitals across the nation. It looks promising and hopefully the FDA will soon approve its use here without the red tape.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blessing you can be to others. You know that life's experiences are always for a reason. And now you are able to use your experiences to comfort another family. We will keep him in our prayers. Love Aunt, Deb