Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Casie just called and reported that Christian DID IT!!!! We have another "Berlin Heart" recipient and he has a new chance at life. We are so excited for their family. What an amazing thing....what a miracle. Please continue prayers, they still have a long road ahead. We are grateful that they have been allowed a new start. I have been so nervous today, is that what it was like for all of you waiting when Kaidence received her Berlin?
I will be going up to PCMC tomorrow for Kaidence's appointment and we are so excited to meet his family. On Friday we will be going to KSL to do the "Studio 5" show from 11:00Am-12:00PM. We will be talking about the Primary Childrens Miracle Network that we will also be apart of on Sunday at 10:30ish on KSL. Hopefully people will be touched by Kaidence's stories and others and help fund treatment for those families that have had their lives devastated by illness an cannot afford it. The hospital is an amazing gift to our community. I never realized it until it became a part of our lives.


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about Christian today and he has been in my thoughts and prayers. Do you know if they have a blog that you can leave messages on? What a wonderful blessing. I will look for you on TV of Fri. Good luck with it. We are so proud of you and your family. Aunt Deb

angie said...

yeah what a strong little boy to follow in the foot steps of one strong little girl. and come on how can anyone not be touched by her story? wow.

Denise said...

We're so happy that Christian made it through, our thoughts and prayer have been with the family all day yesterday. And we continue to pray for little Christian for we know he has a long road ahead. We have been so blessed in our lives and now have a better understanding of how bessed we are. I'm so grateful that our little Kaidence is doing so well. She is truely a MIRACLE!!

Love - Mom and Dad

Em said...

What wonderful news! Sounds like life has been busy! What a blessing you are to this family, to be able to give them the support they need! Keep us posted as to how things go!
Heart hugs,