Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tomorrow evening at 9:00om channel 4 is a new medical program called "Hopkins". It is a show that documents children and the families of those children during their journey while at the Hopkins hospital. Tomorrow evening will be a story about a young boy waiting for a heart transplant and his journey. We have been contacted and asked by Donor Services if we would do an interview on the 10:00 channel 4 evening news following the program in hopes of raising the awareness and the need for organ donation (this is for all of our heart buddies patiently waiting to get their new hearts). We agreed and it is our hope that if any of you are unsure about organ donation that you watch the "Hopkins" program tomorrow evening. We want to raise awareness and are trying to do whatever we can so that others like Kaidence can too have a second chance at life. We received our first letter this week from our donor family and are forever grateful to our sweet donor family and the dear little boy that has saved Kaidence's life. Thank You from all of our hearts, you are always in our prayers.


Summer said...

We"ll be watching! Good luck. Hope Kaidence is doing well. Mason sends xoxo. Summer

Mp said...

Thank you again for sharing Kaidence's story. The Hopkin's show brought tears to my wife and I.

Mike & Family

angie said...

hey you did a great job last night on the news. the show made me cry, what do ya do. lets play again soon.