Sunday, November 2, 2008


Quickly before I forget “Kaidence’s Story” will be playing on the Golf Channel this Sunday during the PGA Children’s Miracle Network Classic sponsored by WalMart Tournament. It will be on Sunday, 1-4pm EST. They don’t have a specific time, sorry. This is the new story they just finished doing. It will only be the short version but I am working on getting the files for the full length one on my blog.
So we have been super busy and a lot has been going on. First of all Mike and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Thank You Mike for the awesome surprise and getaway. It was much needed, I love you!!! Then Mike celebrated his Birthday and I just celebrated mine. Kaidence took her first whole jar of baby food ever (nothing since-see picture below) and she also started to crawl. Definitely prefers the bum scoot still. She has started walking along furniture and walls, just needs some self confidence and she'll be walking. She is starting to jabber more. She loves shoes and is always pulling them our of her closet to play with them. She is also a big fan of jewelery, just ask the ladies in my ward. She is always going from person to person to see what different things they are wearing.

The kids had a great Halloween. I volunteered at M's class for his party. He was Batman ( not the "new" Batman, the original. That was his request). C had a preschool party and he was a ninja turtle for that 2 hour block and then he was Spider Man and then Halloween night he was a Pirate. Silly kid. Kaidence wore the same costume as last year, she was a Fairy of Faith. It's amazing to compare her pictures from last year and this. Last Sunday the boys had their Primary Program and they did and excellent job with their parts and even had them memorized

So some of you may know that we have decided to move up Kaidence's heart biopsy (Cath Lab) to this Friday instead of During Christmas break. We don't want to chance any more Christmas' at the hospital. SOOOOO this Friday, November 7th Kaidence will go in and have her Cath. It is a little ironic to think that on this exact day a year before she was also in surgery receiving the "Berlin Heart". How far we have come and how blessed we feel. I am sure that all will go well but I am a little worried and nervous after what happened last time. If you would please remember Kaidence and her doctors in your prayers I would sincerely appreciate it. I will also be fasting that day if any would like to join in.

Also, we are moving back into the winter months and therefore will have to be extra careful and cautious about germs once again. So the same as before, if you or any one you have been around is sick please stay away if you happen to see Kaidence out and about. We will start to carry hand sanitizer with us once again and ask that if you come and see us that you please use it. You may not be seeing us all together at church because we will have to start taking turns so don't think we've gone MIA. One thing that we ask if possible is that if any of you will be having close contact with Kaidence or our family that you PLEASE get a flu shot. This is so important to Kaidence's well being. I cannot stress this enough. This request comes not only from us but from ALL of Kaidence's doctors. We will need to stay away from those that have not gotten one. I know some of you think that it does not work, but Influenza to Kaidence could be DEADLY. So if you are thinking about whether or not to get one, PLEASE think of Kaidence and all the others that need the same protection. Her immune system can't protect itself but getting herself and others vaccinated will help protect her. Thank you for your love and understanding. We will miss seeing you all as often. Summer was a great time to getaway and play while we could.

-This Picture makes me laugh. This is Mike being "in charge" of Kaidence at the cabin. If only I could take care the kids like this all day long.


The Boys Rule said...

That last picture is a hoot. I love the look on Kaidence's face. Good luck on Friday, our family will be praying for you.

Mimi said...

Hey there...

First f all, thank you so much for calling. I wanted to call you back but couldn't read the nurses handwriting. She wrote it on one of the breastfeeding labels, and the number I thought it was... wasn't. Please feel free to call back anytime. I would love to chat!!

Happy Anniversaries and birthdays!

Yay for Kaidence and her getting down an entire jar of food- so great! She really looks so good and healthy- I am sure the cath will go fine. It is so nice to see your family doing normal family stuff! Someday that will be our family :-)

I love the pic with her in the Tupperware- at least it's germ free right?

Ashley said...

She is so big! And so adorable! I'm glad that everything is going so well for Kaidence and your family. Kaidence will be in my prayers for tomorrow.

Ashley W.

Becca said...

Kaidence looks wonderful! I can't believe how long her hair has gotten. She is looking more and more like you! We will be praying that all will go well on Friday. I'm so glad that you have had such a great summer!

Rebecca and Jared

Denise said...

We're glad you posted even though we get to see and talk with the family. We know Kaidence will do just fine tomorrow, we know Heavenly will watch over her and the doctors.

Love Mom and Dad

Jill K said...

It has been so nice to see your family all together in church. I love to sit and watch Kaidence bumm scoot towards the door. She is such a doll. Wish you all the love and support for tomorrow. Maybe I will have to bring up some chicken noodle soup sometime, during the cold weather, to help keep your family healthy. We will pray for Kaidence and the doctors for tomorrow. Thank you for sharing those pictures with us.
Jill K

AMES said...

Freaking cute post. It is so nice to know that you have been so preoccupied with "normal" life that you haven't had time to update your blog. My heart is so happy for you and your sweet little family. I'm so glad that things are going as well as they are for all of you. Especially Kaidence. I will be joining you in your fast tomorrow, and Kaidence and her doctors will be in our every prayer. Please know through all of this that you are loved - by so many! But most of all BY ME!!! I love you and you are my hero for what you have gone through and how well you are handling everything. Good luck tomorrow - I have no doubt that everything will go perfectly well - but good luck nevertheless. Love ya babe.

Denita Skousen said...

I am so happy you posted some new pictures. I know how time seems to go by so fast and when you stop and take a look everything has changed so much. The kids look great. I love the pictures of Kaidence. She has gotten so big and looks wonderful. We will continue to pray for you and Kaidence and I will be waiting for a good review when everything is all said and done. Miss you tons Love Denita

Em said...

Love the pictures! She is so cute and love the hair!!! What a difference a year can make! Praying and thinking of you. Missing you guys too.
Heart hugs,

Ashlie said...

I can not believe how good she looks!! I am so happy for you all and hope her biopsy goes well. I know what you mean about winter, we are doing the same thing. I hope things continue to go well and Kaidence stays out of the hospital.

carolyn q said...

What a fun update and it's amazing to see how far life has come in a year. I am hopeful that this winter can be kind to your family and no sickness will happen as Kaidence continues to gain strength.
I am thinking of you today and hoping that things are going well with the procedure. I will be up at PCMC sometime between 5:30-6:30 and if you are there will look for you!