Monday, February 23, 2009


Happy Birthday little Kaidence! WE love you so much and are everyday grateful that you have blessed our lives. We are better because of you and the lessons that you have taught us. You have come so far. You are walking, talking, signing, climbing, laughing and you hardly ever cry. You are so happy, so content, so amazing! I am thankful that you finally have the chance to be a healthy little girl. I am so grateful for the trials that we have seen. These trials make us who we are today, not only as individuals but as an eternal family. We have seen miracle after miracle. The Lord's hand is in all things. You have paved the way for so many others both medically and spiritually. Your life gives HOPE to those that need it. Heavenly Father has BIG plans for you Kaidence. I love you baby girl and give thanks everyday that I hear that little heart beating away in your chest. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY!


(more post below pictures)

Yesterday Kaidence had a party at her Nanny and Bompa's with many of her cousins. She loved opening the presents and insisted on getting off every piece of paper and tape before she would even pay any attention to the gift. Tonight we celebrated with dinner and treats (none of which Kaidence ate) at home with her Nanna and Pappa, great grandpa and Auntie. My sister , husband and her kiddos are all sick and had to miss the fun Princess Party! Kaidence loved us singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Her most favorite gift is a microphone that plays music and can record herself singing. Unfortunately her brothers like it just as much as she does. Thank You Paula and Angie, they dropped by a bunch of cute HEART balloons ( I love HEARTS these days) and gave me a little visit as well ( I love visits too).
Please continue to pray for all of our Heart Friends. So many of them need you extra prayers tonight!




Christina said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had so much fun. Yea for TWO!

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

The Simmons Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY K! Your strength is inspiring and you give us hope! You are a beautiful two year old!

Megan and Alyvia said...

Happy Birthday Kaidence!!!!

Everytime I look at her pictures I just can't even believe how great she looks. (I guess I still picture how she looked like in the hospital) and she looks so much better now, she looks great!! (:

We love you Kaidence!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kaidence. It sounds like she had so much fun, and what cute pictures. What a milestone for her to reach. and there are only more to come. Love to you all,Aunt Deb

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Kaidence! We wish we still lived just down the street so we could come to the party. We miss those days! All our love to all of the wonderful Maddock clan! Corey, Michelle, Angie, Mari,Rob

Me said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Such a beautiful miracle!! Thank you for sharing her life with us. You are amazing and we love you so much. Much love, Hilary

Heidi McMillan said...

Happy Birthday Kaidence!! What a wonderful celebration and miraculous life you have led thus far. You and your sweet family have taught us all more in these short two years than many will teach in a lifetime. Can't wait to see the amazing missions you have to fulfill in the future. All our love and heart hugs.

Natalie♥ said...

I got your name off of gracie's blog. I saw that your little angel had a berlin heart. This gives me much hope for little Gracie. I am amazed at your story and the struggles you have been through. I just don't understand how your little one got so sick so fast. I am so glad that there was and is hope for her. She is just adorable and Happy Birthday to her.

Stacy said...

She is such a doll Shauntelle. Seriously, what a little angel! I'm so glad you're with me on the movies. Sleep is so much more important. Matt will always tell people, "yeah, we saw that movie." I'm like, "We did?" So funny! It drives Matt crazy that I fall asleep.
No luck on our house yet. We have been so sick around this house with flu stuff that it's almost a blessing that we haven't had to worry about people wanting to come see the house. It's getting better though. I'm hitting my second trimester so things should get better. Thanks for asking.
Love your blog!

Paul Cardall said...

Just want you guys to know how much I appreciate all the support you've showed me and everyone else in this blog world. I'm glad to see Kaidence doing so well! She is such a cutie. And I love that inspiring video from CMN. My cousin Brandon Christensen was the cinematographer on that. Small world! Let me know if you're ever up at Primary's - it would be fun to talk to you guys.

Denise said...

We're real late in posting but we're glad we got to spend time with you on your Birthday. You're such a special girl and we LOVE watching all the new things you can do. You've taught us so much this past 1 1/2 years, you've been so brave. We love to hear you say Nanna and Pappa. Grandpa Great loved all the kisses you gave him.

WE LOVE YOU!!! Nanna and Pappa Maddock