Saturday, February 28, 2009


This afternoon I got the link to the 7 minute version of Kaidence's Miracle story for the Children's Miracle Network. Here is the link to the longer version. The video starts out the same as the shorter version that has been on the right side of my blog but this one has more of her story in the middle of it. More picture, more video more about organ donation. It is my favorite version.
Here is the link. If you want to watch it in HD there is a button on the video bar that you can scroll down and change to HD.

All seems to be going ok here.We have coughs and runny noses, but who doesn't this time of year? We have been having a hard time keeping Kaidence hydrated. Kaidence has been throwing up any night feeds that she gets and has taken on the attitude of 'who needs food?' This has been going on for a few weeks but somehow have managed to keep her out of 'you know where' and for that we are always grateful.

Today my heart has broken for the Gledhill Family. May the Lord continue to bless them with the things that only HE knows they need. We will be fasting tomorrow for the Gledhill family and for Gracie Gourley, please feel free to join with us. Life is fragile, let us always remember this and hold those we love a little closer.


Becky Wertz said...

Kaidence is SO Cute. We will keep the Gledhills in our prayers as we fast also.

Becky and Spencer

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. It made me cry. We will keep you in our fast and pray that Kaidence will start to eat on her own. And we will fast for Gracie as well. Love to you all, Aunt Deb

Nikki B. said...

stumbled across your blog when i found gracie's story.

so wonderful to see your little girl so bright and vibrant.

my son was a organ recipient and a heart donor 10 years ago.

you can check out our story at the bottom of my blog and my organ donor awareness button!