Monday, March 2, 2009


What do you say when you know that a family is getting ready to say goodbyes to their little girl?
I remember asking Mike while in the hospital with Kaidence "Do you think that Kaidence will be ok?" Now I know that many of you have heard this before, but I was really hoping to hear a definite 'yes' from my husband. What he said to me at first made me angry for about a minute and then in that moment my whole way of thinking was changed forever. He said to me "No matter what happens, SHE will be ok. It is whether or not we will be." Like I said, I thought about what he said, day after day, after day. It was true, no matter what happened, Kaidence would be happy, loved and cared for. She would be more than ok. I also understood that it would possibly be better for her as well, because the suffering would be no more.

I have been following Gracie's blog since before her birth. Today as they say goodbye, they will be giving other children HOPE as they have chosen to donate some of Gracie's Organs, what an amazing thing to do. My heart breaks for the Gledhill family. I pray that today Gracie may be held and loved by her family until it is her time to return to the arms of her Loving Father in Heaven. I pray that the Lord will continue to hold this family up and give them the faith and strength to make it through this loss. May Gracie's brothers and sister feel the love that Heavenly Father has for ALL of his children. May they all be blessed this day with "the Faith of a Child," pure, perfect and simple. My thoughts and prayers are with this family today as they say goodbye for a brief moment in time. May they feel the love of Gracie and our Heavenly Father this day! Gracie YOUR family is FOREVER!


angie said...

beautifully put.

Denise said...

What an emotional day, I just finish reading Gracie's blog and could hardly get thru it. As you stated in your blog Gracie will be ok, I sure the family will feel a spirit today they'll never forget. It's wonderful having the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lean on during these difficult time.

What you wrote was beautifully well stated.

Love - Mom

Michelle said...

I am so grateful we do know that Gracie and all of our loved ones will be ok. You put into words everything I was feeling.
Missing you all!

Alayna Williamson said...

I am still following your blog and checking in on Kaidence. I also followed Gracie's blog. You couldn't have said it better! Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gledhill's and with your family too!
- Alayna