Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Kaidence's party will be at 3:45 with the "Make a Wish" Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 4:00 on this Saturday, October 17th. Hope you can all come! (see below for details)

Also, here is some info on the race/walk that will be held on the 24th. The walk portion (this is what we are doing) will be .9K (1/2 mile only). I can handle that much better and hopefully more of you will be able to join. For those of you that are running it.......YOU GO!!!!!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------"MAKE A WISH" PARTY
Saturday October 17th
Hello to all! Has life been crazy or what? We think that we may finally have a day for Kaidence's "Make A Wish" party and would love all of our friends to come. We are planning for it to take place this Saturday October 17th. I am thinking around 4:30, but will defiantly have more of a definite idea after I talk more with the foundation. The weather should be good and we will be holding in our backyard, since that is where her wish is! If you would like to come, please send me an email tellebelle@gmail.com and tell me who you are so that I can send you our home address. Also, if you already know where I live, please send me an email and let me know that you will be coming so I can give MAW a count. Kaidence would love you all to be there. You have all been such a big part of her life. BTW, it will be a PRINCESS party so bring your little princess' and princes to meet some of the Disney Princess that will be there.


October 24th

Also, More info will also come on this but I wanted to give you all a heads up. If you have followed Kaidence you most likely will have a place in your heart also for this next subject. October 24th is a the 'Nations Day of Service.' The Quest For The Gift Of Life Foundation is gearing up to try to set a world record. On that day they are trying to get over 9,000 new Organ Donor Registries. Can you think of any better way to give that day?

In correlation with that, Salt Lake will be having its first ever ORGAN DONATION 9k race/walk. Please come and help Kaidence 'Pay It Forward'. We have been blessed and know that we can make a difference in the lives of others when we all work together. We are actually running (walking) in honor of all the children that are waiting, will wait and have waited for someone to give them 'The gift of life'. In our hearts that day will be the children that ran out of time while waiting for a second chance at life. This is why we are doing this. So on that day please come out and RUN WITH KAIDENCE AND INTERMOUNTAIN HEALING HEARTS and give HOPE to other CHILDREN and their FAMILIES!

The 9k will be October 24th at 9am at Liberty Park. Kaidence has invited children young and old to come and run/walk with her on this day. We would love you all to grab your strollers, tricycles, walkers whatever and come and join us. This walk is to raise awareness of the need for Organ Donation. A $5 portion of each registration fee will be given to Intermountain Healing Hearts to give to Primary Children's Medical Centers Transplant Program for families. Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there. Follow the link http://donatelifeutah.com/run.html to register and find out more info on the race or click the picture on the upper right hand side of the blog. Please snag this button on put it on your blogs to help spread the word! Kaidence with Mallory Wahlstrom, current Miss Kaysville, living Donor


Tiffany Profsky said...

Not sure if i can make it, but I will be thinking of you guys

angie said...

oh we are so there, to both. Fun times. Can't wait for the wish unveiling. and hope you feel better by then.

kelly manz said...

ive been following your blog for awhile but this is my first comment! im a heart mommy with a child born with a rare Congenital Heart Defect. my informational CHD blog is http://chdbabies.blogspot.com

Kaidence's story is so amazing! i wish i lived in utah to participate in the 9k race. so glad things are going well for your family! Kaidence is a true inspiration!

Em said...

So I am so sorry we did not come. Collin woke up this morning somewhat sick. And right at about one in the afternoon, he started throwing up and having horrid diarrhea. He also has a cough and runny nose. We do not want to get anyone else sick, so we are quarantining ourselves to the house for a couple of days. I hope the party was wonderful and I am really sad we did not get to go.

Em said...

P.S. Give Kaidence lots of hugs from us. I know she may not remember us, but she and your family will forever hold such dear places in our hearts.