Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H1N1...........IT FOUND US!!!

Yes, my fear has become a reality.............
Miss K has been diagnosed with HINI, yes the Swine Flu. How the heck she got this I have NO IDEA. We have someone that watches her every Sunday so that we can go to pat of church with the boys. We haven't been anywhere that she has not been in her stroller with her mask on and my poor boys change their shirts the moment they walk in the door from school and sanitize their hands. Oh well, I guess even with being so careful and all the Avagard that I carry with me you can't always protect them from everything. She has only had her first dose of the vaccine for the H1N1, the second dose is due this Saturday. Her symptoms came on very quickly (within an hour). I took her into her doctors office and they swabbed her and said that the test hadn't finished running but that it was already showing positive. She has a fever, head hurts, throat hurts (all determined by her pointing and crying). She has a cough and has been pretty nauseated. We put her on Tamiflu last night but that makes her tummy worse. She lays around a lot and does not have much energy at all. She looks pretty pale and has those bloodshot fever eyes. I feel bad that she feels so bad. I am having a hard time timing all her heart meds around the spells of nausea. If we can at least keep them in for 30 minutes then we are good to go. I have hard a hard time keeping her fever and body aches in check with only Tylenol, because she cant have the Ibuprofen. On a positive, note I have a little cuddle bug and I love it!

Needless to say that Kaidence's Yearly Heart Biopsy that was scheduled for this Friday has been canceled for a few weeks. Big sigh, you know how you build yourself up for it. I just wanted to get it over with before the Holiday's incase they did find rejection like last year. That is why we do it every November even though she was transplanted in December. If they do find rejection then we have to do a steroid taper and she once again becomes very immunosuppressed and cant be around anyone. I am hoping that when the Cath does happen, that all will be well so that we can spend the Holiday's with our family.

Maybe this is just how things are supposed to work out. I am just so happy that she has done so well and we have come so far. We have been blessed, I see it more and more everyday and I am so grateful for all that Heavenly Father has given us. I cannot help but feel so blessed and happy.
I am almost finished loading all of our summer pictures and will get a very looooong post in sometime soon. Also, I know that I have not yet posted about her Make A Wish party but I ended up passing 3 kidney stones that night and was in bed the whole week after sick. I will post about it soon, however pictures of my beautiful kidney stones will not be included, I know you are all sad about that one. And yes, it was worse than child birth without the epidural ( mine didn't work at all with K). And we will just leave it at that!

Thanks for checking in on us, we will keep you posted!


Unknown said...

Man! We are thinking about you. Let me know if you need anythin., And we are thinking postive.... She will NOT be in rejection!!!!!!!

Allison said...

Even with the first dose of the vaccine, she still got it??!! What a BUMMER! It just seems so unfair with all of the precautions you have been taking too! Grr! I will pray that K has a quick recovery with no complications for her biopsy!

Jennifer Ortiz said...

OH NO, I hope she feels better soon!!!

Jen said...

Just so you know I'm still out here! So, so sorry that dang flu found you. Praying that K gets better fast and the rest of the family skips out on sharing. It's been amazing to read about her progress the last nearly two years.

Luke's momma

Lacey said...

Ugh I so feel your pain with the kidney stones. Had those and would rather have a baby with no epidural.
I was thinking about the virus too. I think with other kids in school its almost impossible to keep out of the house. Because I was going to make my boys change their clothes when they got home to but if they catch it at school they'll bring it home no matter what. Oh well, we try don't we? Hope she feels better soon:)

Treasure Hunter said...

I'm so sorry. We are in the same boat. McKinley my 11 year old came home early from school today. I'm pretty sure it's H1N1. I hope they both have a mild case.

Family Scads said...

H1N1...dang it! I'm so sorry. I feel the same as you - how the heck do our kids keep getting these illnesses when they are around no one? Sheesh! I will keep her in my prayers for a fast recovery and for no rejection (I know how rough steroids are and I do not want these little kiddos to have to go through that!). Good luck with everything. I'm thinking about you all!

Unknown said...

I'm so sad that H1N1 found you! I hope that she gets feeling better soon. On the bright side, enjoy all the snuggles, that's the only part of sick kiddos that I enjoy! Let me know if you need anything!

Abby said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry she got
H1N1! What a total bummer. I will also be thinking positive for you...no rejection!!

Denita Skousen said...

I am so sorry that little K got sick. I worried about yor guys when this sickness came out. We will keep you in our prayers. To make it worse I feel bad you had to pass those kidney stones. I thought I had a rough life right now with 23 credits working 2 jobs but I think I will keep my stressful life and keep praying for your. Love ya Denita
We may be passing through in December, we are going o surprisemy family for christmas

Andrea said...

Hi Chantelle! I'm sorry I missed you Halloween night. We went trick or treating first so we didn't get to the old neighborhood until late. Anyway...I'm sorry to hear about Kaidence...we will keep your family in our prayers. Take care!

Andrea (Leib) Riddle :)

Becca said...

Ugh!!! Why do we have to worry about the H1N1. I have been so paranoid about it. My girls are super good about coming home and washing up. But I have one of them home with a bad cough and it's tough to try and keep the girls on opposite sides of the house. So sorry that she got it. It's their week immune system. We moved to Bountiful, so if you need anything, give us a call.

Becca, Ellie's mom

Me said...

Well shot, dangit. Stupid pigs. I'm sorry Miss K. That is not fun. I feel like our family has been sick forever. We are starting round 6 of illness. I hope that she starts getting feeling better and the vomit stops. That is the worst. Let me know if you need anything. I could bring dinner over if you would like.
xoxoxoxoxo Hilary

carolyn q said...

That is harsh! Poor thing and poor mom in trying to comfort her. I hope that it won't be to severe and she will be back on her feet.
Do you just wonder when you will catch a break with all of you feeling well at the same time? I think it's about your families turn.
Sorry about the delay in the Biopsy, I know you have been concerned about it all. Dang it all, anyway!
I will give you a call, I will be up in your area on Sunday.

Jessi said...

We just got over the h1n1 too it was so horrible.

I hope she's feeling better now.

I just found your blog and your daughter is such an amazing little girl. Amazing!

Summer said...

Darn it!!!! Sorry little Kaidence-sweet heart is feeling so yucky!! We will pray for a quick recovery with no hospital stay!