Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Kaidence looks so much better tonight. In fact, she is playing in the closet in her room. She is going pee in the potty again and has taken a little milk this afternoon. The one thing my daughter wants to eat today are Salt and Vinegar Potato chips, her favorite. Can you believe she picked that over M&M's?

Kaidence got another chest x-ray this afternoon and it looks worse than it did yesterday. They were expecting this because of how dehydrated she was yesterday. But, today now that she is more hydrated, she has more fluid in her lungs. Her prograf is still high this evening and so we are holding another dose to try to drop it even more.

The concern this evening is that her CRP (body's inflammation response) is 21. MUCH too HIGH, however we have had much higher in the past. If this number does not decrease by morning, we will not be home for Thanksgiving and she will be restarted on IV antibiotics. Today we lost 3 IV's and no longer have access for IV meds. Because of this they have started her on a very heavy oral antibiotic dose.

So all in all, our goal is to get that CRP down and get home. Missing Thanksgiving does not diminish what the holiday is all about. It is about Family, Giving Thanks and Being Grateful and I have so much to be Thankful for. So Happy Thanksgiving to you all and know that you are one of those things that I give Thanks for.


Vikingboy said...

We will keep our fingers crossed for you. Happy thoughts your way. Oh and I think I want salt and vinegar potato chips too. Much better than m&m's. Loveeya! You are in our prayers.

Becca said...

I am so sorry! I didn't know she was back in the hospital. I was so excited for no rejection. We will keep you in our prayers. And hope all will continue to go well.

The Simmons Family said...