Friday, January 29, 2010


I am such a slacker!!!! I almost dread logging on because I know that I am so behind. However, we are all doing very well. Happy, healthy and all that involves. I have some pictures that I want to post from Kaidence's first day of Sunbeams. She came home the first day with her crown that she made that read "I am A Child of God"....... how true that is little girl. I cant believe this day has come. She turns 3 next month and starts preschool in the fall. Wow!!!!! I didn't plan this far ahead.

Kaidence will hopefully be going in first thing on Monday to have the stent placed in her LPA. However, to keep with the tradition of cath lab.......Kaidence yet again has a cough and runny nose. We would like to have this done before her Birthday on the 23rd. So we are praying that if it is meant that Kaidence have this procedure on Monday that things will clear up. You hate to be sent home from same day surgery when you leave for the hospital at 5AM. Also FYI, if your child goes into the sameday surgery registration and the NP decides that for some reason the procedure cannot be done that day due to cough, ear infection or get stuck with a $200-300 bill that will NOT be covered by insurance. The hospital told me it was new protocol and they now make you sign a paper regarding it. Just thought that all of our buddies that are also frequent fliers would like to know.

Life is good here and we hope that same is with everyone. We have some special friends that need some extra prayers at this time. Please pray for Ellie and Jude.


Summer said...

We will pray for a GOOD Monday!

Loves from Mason and Mommy

Denise said...

As always, Kaidence is in our prayers this morning and her name is one the prayer roll at the Salt Lake Temple.

We love you!

Nanna and Pappa Maddock

ang said...

We're thinking and praying for Kaidence today. Let us know how it goes.

Love Ben's mommy

ang said...

Oh I forgot to ask, did Kaidence go to nursery? I've heard some heart moms decide not to send their kids for germy reasons, which I totally get!, and I'm debating what to do. Ben's 14 months and drivin' me crazy in my classes and I'm not sure if I can hold out until he's three, plus we're having another baby. What did you do?