Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Busy, Busy

I knew I would forget everything that happened yesterday, but I was just too tired to post. Yesterday Kaidence got her 3rd blood treatment. It went well. The gallop that the docs could hear in her heart beat is gone (good sign). We were moved to the floor sooner than they expected because she has made such good improvement much quicker than thought. I must say that it is nice having our own bathroom, because I live in it! I had an OB appointment and the babies amniotic fluid is getting low. Therefore, I have been instructed to rest (ha, ha) and drink even more!!!

Today, Kaidence had some dressing changes on her central lines. Her labs look good and her echo had improved from the one 2 days ago. Her heart looks like its starting to slowly recover its function. Did I thank you yet for the prayers? They are slowly starting to taper her steroids. Kaidence is back to being Kaidence. Today she wanted to run the halls, but she cant really go to far because of her immunosuppression. The lines in her leg make her hobble around, but she is happy. We spent the day convincing her to eat the yummy food, trying to get her to drink, getting a new g-tube, echo, dressing changes, unclotting her central line in the neck, coloring, painting, putting stickers EVERYWHERE, meds, meds and more meds.

Tomorrow she will get another treatment on her blood. During these treatments she is hooked up to a machine and they slowly pull the blood out of her body through her neck, filter out her plasma and replace the blood through her groin with new plasma. Monday she will have another heart cath to see how it is working and check for rejection. It turns out that her body has made 2 different types of antibodies against her donor heart. This treatment should pull them all out of her blood and hopefully with extra meds we can trick her body and get it to stop making them.

So basically that's the plan. Kaidence has made such an amazing improvement. I am so glad that it is this week and not the last. I think it will take some time for me to relax a little about what happened days ago, but slowly I will work through it and get back on track. I don't want to live fearing every moment knowing how quickly it can change. I had just reached a new found confidence in Kaidence's health and Independence when this happened. It only took 2 1/2 years. Hopefully, I can mentally get back to our normal as soon as possible. Thank you everyone for all of your support. I could never imagine doing this without you.


Em said...

This is a good update. We were up there yesterday for a fetal echo and I want you to know we were thinking about you pretty much the entire time we were there. We are praying for you guys, and hope you get out of there soon and back to real life!
Heart hugs,

Allison said...

I can't imagine trying to keep up with a busy 3 year old while trying to "rest" in a hospital life! I hope that Kaidence can lose some of those lines soon and be a little less attached!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that she has turned around and doing better. Isn't it wonderful to have her running the halls. You go Kaidence. Shasuntell and Mike you are amazing and our love and prayers are with you daily. Love to you all, Aunt Deb

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