Friday, August 5, 2011

No Rejection, Baffeled Doctors and Going Home


Well once again Kaidence has the doctors a little baffled as well as her parents. Despite the echo and EKG her heart biopsy looks good. Good enough that we are out of here. The dr's said they just aren't sure what to watch for on her. Heart rate seems the safest thing to watch. She just walks around with rejection symptoms and isn't necessarily in rejection. Her echo today still looked the same because that valve is worse but her heart and body seem to be handling it just fine. Cardiology will speak with the cardio surgeon and discuss at what point that heart valve will need replacing. Likely, that will not be for years. The good thing is that now cardio knows that if her echo looks this way that her pressure and body are handling it just fine. Sorta a new baseline.

Kaidence is a little grumpy from all the steroids they have given her thinking she was in rejection and from the drugs today but that's ok because we. are. outta. here.

Such relief, so much gratitude......Thank You for the prayers


Michelle said...

Although puzzling, glad you got good news and get to go home! Hope you don't need to be back for many many years!