Monday, March 5, 2012

This and That......and some pics

Let me start by introducing the newest members of our house hold.....Chance and Chase! (They came at the right time, together and pretty much potty trained. They are perfect for our home and our situation. These cute little guys are 3 month old Shorkies and they are brothers. They have brought so much joy to my kiddos who have missed Kirby so much. When we do get this new heart, the boys will have these two little guys to keep them busy.
Saturday was a dance recital for Kaidence and she was so excited. Her brothers were at SIBS day up at the hospital but she had a bunch of groupies to support her dance. She danced to Tangled "I See the Light". She did a perfect job and I loved watching my little miracle dance.

On March 2nd we celebrated Devohn's 8th Birthday. For those that don't know, Devohn is Miss K's heart donor. We celebrate every year with a balloon release. This year we sent 8 balloons to heaven for him, one of which was a spider man balloon. My heart was so very tender that day.

Now to the medical stuff....K's cardio appt. Monday was great. It's my understanding that he is making progress on the list. I cannot help but feel that any day now that call will come. I am so terrified. My emotions are so mixed. I hate waiting knowing what has to happen in order for us to get that call. It hurts my heart. I fear for Kaidence's health as well. More this time than the last time. It will be more dangerous this time around. She just looks so happy and times it still feels like it's just a bad dream!

Yay!!!! Kaidence and Carden have had strep throat and fevers!!!! I have to say that having sick kids and knowing any day a heart could come makes me a little CrAzY! This last week, I felt panicked knowing that I had to get them better. Today, at the moment I think things are improving.

So in the time we wait, I pray. Pray with all my heart that what is meant for Kaidence will be. That if she is meant to get another heart, that it will happen. Pray that if another family will be involved in this process that they will be greatly blessed beyond anything that I could ever comprehend. I pray that my family and myself may be prepared for whatever may come our way. I pray that my spirit, my body and my mind will be ready for the roller coaster that is sure to follow regardless of whatever way things go. I pray for Devohn's family, I pray for my daughters life that will be held in the hands of God.


Petersen Palace said...

praying for you too! What a sweet little girl she is. You are doing so great!

Summer said...

Fun Post!!!! Praying with you for comfort when K's new sparkly heart comes!