Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to my 5 year old miracle! Kaidence, love you more than you'll ever understand. Praying for many more Happy Birthdays for you! Hugs to Devohn's family for giving me ALL 5 of these Birthdays!

Today for your 5th Birthday you wanted/had

1. Your bedroom door decorated and a shiny heart balloon.

2. A cake with dolphins and Ariel.

3. A Sewing machine so you could sew your face masks and do 'team work' as you called it!

4. You got a sewing machine. You also got the Little Mermaid talking hair salon that your mom waited in line for 2 hours on black friday after I had originally bought what I went in for. One day you'll understand...Nanna and Pappa gave you a sewing kit and a case full of makeup (BTW, your lipstick tonight was beautiful and VERY pink).

5. You went to preschool and they celebrated your birthday just like any other kids. You took mini pink cupcakes and apple juice to share with your friends.

6. You had a McDonalds cheeseburger Happy Meal for lunch.

7. I begged you to take a nap because you were a little bit grumpy because you tried waiting up all night for me to decorated your door. Therefore, mom really wanted the nap because I couldn't decorate your door until you were asleep (and I was putting together that salon of yours).

8. Dad stayed home and smoked a yummy beef brisket for your birthday dinner because that was what you asked for.

9. You didn't have to clean your room today but I have a feeling it will take you awhile to do tomorrow.

10. Now you are in bed asleep. Hopefully dreaming about something wonderful.

To my Miss K.....Ohhhh, how I love you and pray (especially today) that you have many more Birthdays to come!

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Angee and Thom said...

Happy Birthday! and MANY, MANY, More!

Allison said...

Yay Kaidence! Happy birthday sweet girl. I love that she wanted Ariel everything and even a sewing machine. I hope that she gets many more years to enjoy those fun presents and that the waiting game continues to be at home and healthy!

Em said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kaidence! Here's to many, many, many more birthdays!

And on the subject of Kirby, we had to put down our dog after she was hit by a high school student when I was 16. My parents came to get me, as she was a bit more my dog than everyone else's since she slept in my bed each night. And she was paralyzed from being hit, but she still tried to get up when I came into the room, and it broke my heart. I held her while she was put down, and just told her how much I loved her and how much we would miss her. Now, even 12 years later, it still hurts. I honestly think it was something Heavenly Father gave me to begin to understand loss, as my dogs oddly enough are such a huge part of my family. When our dog passes away, it is going to hurt soo bad as he has seen us through the difficult pregnancies and the loss of Lilly and Ryker. And I will bawl at ANY movie that has a dog that passes away. It is not as tender as losing a baby, but it comes in second for sure.

Summer said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet Miss Kaidence!!! Sending hugs from Mason and Mommy :-)

We continue to pray for your new heart to come at the right time!

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