Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little Happenings and Saying goodbye to Kirby!

Today my heart feels full so I guess there is no better time to write a post. I know that so many things have happened since last writing but I always think I will remember when I get around to it and then I don't. Therefore I will pick up once again with the recent things and then fill in anything I may remember.
First of I need to document that we had to say goodbye to our sweet little doggy Kirby. Kirby has always had mental issues (like she could only turn one direction). Over the last couple of years her brain started determining and she needed to be put down. How heartbreaking that was. She was only 9 years and was such a big part of our family. She was great with the kids, took turns each night sleeping in their bedrooms and loved going to the family cabin. Our house seems so lonely and my floors are so dirty without her around. The older boys went with us to the vet and held Kirby as she passed away. I am so proud of McCaden and Camden for choosing to do what was right for Kirby even though it hurt their little hearts to do it. Maybe doing something that hurts so badly because you love someone or something so much helps them slightly look at the gift that Heavenly Father gave to us when he gave us His Son. Now I know that this is in no way a comparison but I think on a kids level it can give them a little seed on this subject to plant in their hearts.

McCaden and Mike made her a little coffin and then we buried her in the backyard. The family came over and we sang her favorite song "We Are Going to the Cabin" and then followed it up with McCaden saying a cute little prayer and Camden doing a gun salute with his cap gun (Grandpa Maddock got a gun salute from serving in the Army so now he thinks it's a pretty cool thing). Then we released balloons that we were given from the kids cousins. We love you Kirby!!!!

Now on to the medical stuff.....things are going well! Kaidence has been healthy and full of energy still. Her heart sounds great although I know the inside is very sick. She continues dance, preschool and speech therapy. She LOVES her dance classes and has a performance coming up March 3rd.... She was fitted for her costume and cannot wait! She is really starting to pick up on preschool things now that she is able to go more consistently. Kaidence is going to cardiology once a month now and her echo and labs still look good. So we just continue to wait for that call. I am not sure that I am ready to send my healthy looking baby girl into such a dangerous, high risk (as the surgeon calls it) surgery but we have no other choice. I think about it all the time while at the same time trying not to think about it. ....doesn't make sense, I know. There are times that my nerves get the best of me and I start to feel down and then there are other times that my heart is so happy and full. I love this little girl so much!!!

Kaidence (like her mom) LOVES to talk! The other day she was eating an apple and talking about how the apple skin is good for her heart. She then told me that "McDonalds apples don't have the skin on them and that's just irritating". She pretends to be healthy but she loves her bacon and french fries.

Next week Miss K will be turning 5!!!!! WOW, I cannot believe that my baby girl is that old. She surely is starting to turn into a little girl.. Both Mike and I have seen it a lot lately. She is very independent. Kaidence's loves doing her preschool homework and I am proud to say that she is a lefty just like her mom! She likes to pick out her own cloths, dress herself, do her own hair (and makeup) and choose her own food. She hates it when her brothers boss her around and tell her what to do and they hate it when she does the same to them. All around it's a normal relationship. Every Friday the kids love having sleepovers in each other's rooms, so that its proof that they are all good buddies when all is said and done.

That about sums it up. Hope all is well with our wonderful friends, family and followers!!!!


Angee and Thom said...

Oh so sorry about Kirby. We lost our dog a year ago. We too had to funeral,Dad took off work, we all cried. I still tell the kids my heart isn't ready yet for another dog.
But SUPER news on Miss K. I pray for her health.

Petersen Palace said...

happy birthday little woman! And what a sweet doggy face. You are a fun family and I think about you often!

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