Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still Waiting and another BIG Thank You!

You know how you get so far behind in something that it just seems overwhelming to get yourself caught up? Well that is how I feel about the blog at the moment. I had hopes and goals of posting pics and day to day details of our Disney World Trip among other things. Oh well.....

I must post about Cupcakes 4 Kaidence. I don't have pics yet, but when I do I promise to post at least one. What an AMAZING night that was. I was shocked by how perfect everything was. It was put together so well. They even had a table set up to honor Devohn.....Kaidence's Heart Donor. The table told a little about him through pictures and words. It also displayed Superman, his favorite Super Hero! It was so great to have others honor him and all he has given to us. It was beyond any of my expectations. The decorations were perfect, the food fabulous, Cupcakes were fancy, Ice cream cart was loved by all and the photo booth was a hit with the kids and families! BTW, I was given copies of all those pics you all had taken in the booth. Looks like many of you had a great time! Also, the Face painting was a HUGE hit with the kids, although for my kids it turned more into body painting. A big Thanks to Paul Cardall for the piano music. I am so glad that you brought your family and hopefully you had a great family night together. The auction was a bunch of fun and I cannot believe the wonderful community that we live in! We had an impressive turnout. The money earned far surpassed any goal that they had. What a blessing it will be for our family as we use it to care for her medical needs. Thank You to all those that came out and supported this fundraiser. Many drove a great distance to come. To those that supported this event although unable to make it, we appreciate you.

Here is a Thank You that we had posted in our local paper:http://

Kaidence and her family would like to thank the many wonderful people of our community who gathered together to raise money for Kaidence’s second heart transplant through the two fundraisers that were held this month. On Dec. 3, Creative Arts Academy of Bountiful held the benefit concert “Dancing 4 Kaidence, So She Can Dance Too.” The night was a beautiful interpretation of Kaidence’s life through music and dance. Thank you to the many who worked so hard to make this night so memorable. We want to thank Jana Monson who chose to do this for our little Kaidence when she could have easily done this fundraiser to help rebuild her dance studio that burned down this last July. Your sincerity, generosity and friendship have been engraved into our hearts. That evening will never be forgotten.

On Dec. 12 “Cupcakes 4 Kaidence” was held at the Wight House Reception Center in Bountiful. We were in awe at the support we received for this event. We want to thank those who made “Cupcakes 4 Kaidence” a big success. A special thanks to The Wight House for donating their reception center for the event and to Alpha Graphics who created all the posters and flyers. To the many that donated cupcakes, we thank you as well for your time and generosity. A big thank you to the Bountiful restaurants Texas Roadhouse, Marcello’s Italian restaurant, Rumbi’s Grill, PIE Hole and Royal India for the excellent food they provide for the Taste of the Town and to Scoopology for donating the wonderful ice cream. Many thanks to all the local businesses; too many to mention who donated gifts, gift cards and gift baskets, which were auctioned off and to those businesses willing to let us put up fliers in their business. We appreciate the Davis County Clipper for getting the word out and advertising for both fundraisers.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all the many friends, family and strangers who came together to help a little girl so she can get a new heart.

With Hope, Faith and Love,

Kaidence’s Family

On December 23rd, we celebrated Kaidence's 4 Year Heart Birthday. I cannot believe that 4 years has gone by. It is always bitter sweet to celebrate this day but this year, even more so.

Christmas was wonderful. Everyone was happy and healthy until Christmas night and then the stomach flu hit us again and carried us into the New Year!

Kaidence had a clinic appt last Thursday. She looks great! Deep down, I keep wondering if her heart really is sick. She looks so healthy and is full of energy. Even when she got sick, she seemed to fair better than others in our house. Truly a blessing indeed. Kaidence continues to go to preschool 2 days a week, dance 2 days a week and speech therapy 1 day a week. She is a busy little girl who seems to be living life to its fullest.

We have now waited for a heart under both extremes. The first time we waited in the ICU with my daughter dying each day before my eyes. You didn't need to be a doctor to see that. The emotions we felt and the heart wrenching things we witnessed while watching others has had a major impact upon my life. However, I cannot forget all the beautiful things we saw and felt as well. The miracles that have also left and everlasting impression. This time we wait from home. Waiting with a daughter who doesn't look sick on the outside but knowing that on the inside her heart is very sick and it threatens her life. Waiting at home has been such a blessing for our family, especially the kids. Such a contrast to 4 years ago. We are able to be together each day and all sleep under the same roof at night. I must admit however that waiting has seemed a little harder this time. Maybe it's because I know what we are in for. Maybe it's seeing her so healthy now and knowing how sick she will be after transplant. It could be the fact that this time she isn't the highest priority which is a blessing but at the same time makes it harder to get a heart. For some reason, I felt more proactive in the hospital like everyday we were trying to fix her and get her a new heart. At home, I feel like I am doing nothing to get her better. I know that is not the way it is.....just how it feels at times. So lately I have taken up this 'nesting' thing. I have cleaned out K's closet and organized all medical equipment and supplies and then moved on to other closets and spaces in the house. I have gone through some old transplant papers and some other things that needed to be done for years. Ya know...those things that are always in the back of your mind and you don't always realize how much they weigh you down. Some emotional things that just needed to be done from her first transplant. That feels good and is keeping me busy. I know things are getting closer to everything else in life, it's the not knowing the details of what and when.

Thank You all for keeping tabs on us. I will truly try to be better at this blogging thing. I know many keep checking in and not seeing a status update....I promise to update the moment we have any big news. Until then I will try to update as much as I can! Thank you all once again for your love, kindness and support!


Petersen Palace said...

awesome. The capacity to love is amazing. I hope Kaidence gets to dance her way on to a new heart and go right back to dancing. Don't worry about playing catch up on the blog. Just start where you are and that will always be enough. :)

Djinni said...

Glad to hear the benefit went so well. Kaidence is such a beautiful little girl. Her eyes have always been so beautiful. I have heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul and I believe that. I can see that she is beautiful all the way through. I pray for her often, may the Lord bless you all. Love, Djinni

Ang said...

If I had known you were in clinic last week I would have loved to have met you. We only go in once every 3 months. Kaidence's story is AMAZING! I am thrilled to read that the benefits went so well.

Sydney's Momma

Em said...

Love this! And I am sorry that we did not get to come to Cupcakes for Kaidence. We had two sick little ones at the time and we are so very careful around our heart friends. I am so glad you guys get to be home this time, but I know you must just be so nervous. I pray she stays healthy enough to be home and that she gets another miracle before she does get sick. We love our little friend and cannot believe she turns five soon! Happy almost birthday sweet Kaidence! What a miracle she is and we are so very happy to know your amazing family. I will never forget the miracle of seeing her so sick and seeing the Berlin heart bring her back from the brink of death. She will always hold such a dear place in our hearts.

Nicole said...

Abby and I loved meeting you and Kaidence at the event. I have never been through this before, but understand your sentiments perfectly when you say it is hard to believe that her heart is really as sick as it is. I think that about my
Abby everyday. Your event was absolutely wonderful and I am so happy we got to meet and talk for a bit. I've loved following Kaidence's blog and know I can turn here any time I feel a bit overwhelmed because your past posts and current ones always seem to capture some of my feelings, and remind me that people out there have done this before and understand me. Love to Kaidence and your family. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers.
Nicole and Abby

likeschocolate said...

So glad she is fairing well while you wait! Hang in there!