Saturday, December 10, 2011

CupCakes 4 Kaidence and Creative Arts Academy!


Come and enjoy a family night with your family and friends. Taste of the Town will be taking place at Cupcakes 4 Kaidence and you can buy food from some of the local restaurants in the area. The proceeds will go to her fund. Now I don't know much of anything going on with this event since it's all been planned by our family and friends and kept a surprise BUT I have heard that some pretty amazing things have been donated to the auction. I have also heard that the kids will have things for them to do as bring them all! Of course you won't want to miss the beautiful piano music of Award Winning Pianist Paul Cardall. Paul's life has also been blessed by the heart of another. Paul and Kaidence are heart transplant buddies. His music is uplifting and inspirational. His songs are part of our life......after hearing him and Monday, I am sure they will become part of yours as well!

Cupcakes 4 Kaidence

Wight House

95 N. Main Street Bountiful

5-8 pm - Open House

A HUGE Thank You to CREATIVE ARTS DANCE ACADEMY. The night was truly inspirational. The dances and narration complimented each other perfectly. It was amazing to watch these dances and listen as her blog told her story of Hope! As I listened I couldn't help but go back to those times in my mind and heart.

Seeing Kaidence dancing on stage was one of those memories I will always treasure. Dancing seems to be the one thing missing from her life and as crazy as it seems to complete her. It is something that is 100% Kaidence. It's a perfect way for her to express herself, be a normal little girl while at the same time keeping her muscles strong and healthy for her next transplant. I think dance lessons are truly a blessing in her life at this time. How grateful I am that see can experience these things while she waits for a new heart. I am also grateful to the many wonderful friendships that are being built through these opportunities.

Waiting at home is a totally different experience than waiting in the ICU for a heart. We are so grateful to be home. I am hoping that we can continue to do so the whole time. To watch Kaidence's body start to fail after seeing her so healthy and full of life would truly devastate me. I have noticed that I have much more anxiety this time around. I think much of it is knowing that we are not at the top of the list and that her disease would be a sudden death without any warning. I always refer to it as the "ticking time bomb" and that is how it feels. Before we could gauge things a little more with her symptoms. Maybe it's knowing that I have no control over what happens. Whatever it is, I will work through it.

Kaidence had an appt last Monday. Her heart still looks like it's working well. No plan to do another heart cath and look at her Coronary Arteries any time soon. I just pray that they are not getting any worse. As far as her heart's been perfect! It seems calm and steady and for that I am grateful. Kaidence has been a little more sleepy lately. Nothing too extreme so I will keep an eye on things and hope it's just a growth spurt. I know that she has grown 1.5 inches in the last month.

Something that I cannot believe I forgot to tell October Kaidence passed her sleep study. That means no more high flow O2 at night!!!!! We gave back the equipment and I hope my power bill will reflect it too. She seems to have done well without it. The surgery worked. Also, she is now going to speech therapy every week to work on how she uses her voice. Because she did have the paralyzed vocal chords, she found that she could talk louder on the inhale of breath. She is learning how to use her voice the right way and then we will work on the volume aspect. So far, she is making great progress with it.

We are so grateful to the many doors that have been opened to our family. We are being blessed and Heavenly Father is guiding ourselves and others. I am always in awe as to how things just fit together when it's all part of the big plan.


Petersen Palace said...

I was way more nervous for Zeke's second heart surgery for some reason. I think it's because you already know what it takes. I'm so sorry you were without power for so many days last week! I hope you don't get any more storms. And I hope you have a HUGE turn out tomorrow. We will be thinking about you! With love from little hearts down south. :)

Summer said...

Such great news about her sleep study!!! See you guys tonight :-)

Nikki said...

Good luck!!

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