Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hospital Sleepover!!!

Time for an update!  Let me start by saying that Miss K is looking MUCH better today and acting more like herself.  Still not as active but she is getting there. After much convincing she walked a short distance yesterday but that tuckered her out for the rest of the night.  Last night at 11:00pm she woke up begging to go upstairs to play with Matthew (her heart buddy who is also waiting for a new heart).  I told her no, because it was night time but she was convinced that it was morning.  Finally she went to bed and the  first thing she asked for this morning was Matthew.  So cute!

Back to the medical stuff.  This mornings chest xray looked worse.  It showed pneumonia in both lungs as well as fluid. It is common for these xrays to be about 1 1/2 days behind progress.  Clinically, she is showing improvement so they feel confident that in another 2 days her xray will look much better.  They are giving her extra doses of lasix in hopes to dry up the extra fluid in her lungs.  If things in a couple of days don't look better then we will discuss cleaning out the lungs.

The great news is that today we get to leave the CICU and go to the floor.  Kaidence and Matthew are so excited because they get to be neighbors.  I think Kaidence thinks its like having a sleepover at the hospital and they have big plans.  Cardio even cleared them 'hanging out together'.  Kaidence 's docs have made a goal for her of getting up and walking 3 times today.  Matthew says he is going to take her on 100 walks and then tomorrow 200 walks. Not so sure she will make it far on her one walk but I am glad he has such lofty goals for her in mind. I think he will be good for her to get her up and moving this junk around and out of her chest.  Hopefully, they can be therapeutic for each other. I just hope those nurses on the 3rd floor are ready for this big sleepover! Let's get this party started!

That's about it for now.  Today I have a good feeling about things to come for Miss K.  I don't know why, but I will hold onto that feeling as long as I can. We will Miss our great nurses downstairs but will hopefully see them again soon when she gets a new heart.  We are excited to go upstairs to see our nurses who we also love and have a great time with our heart buddies.  We will keep you all posted.  I think we will be here at least 2-3 more days, maybe a little longer.

Hugs from us all!


Unknown said...

Do glad to hear she is moving up and is able to enjoy time with Mathew. Its a bitter sweetness that they travel this journey together. It's nice to know your spirit is lifted up a little today and as always I'll be keeping sweet K and Mathew in our prayers and fasts.

Djinni said...

Knowing Matthew and Kaidence have each other, is so sweet to hear. Thank You for sharing your story. I know it is not easy keeping up a blog when you have so much to do. I pray daily for each of the kids waiting for transplants, and hope I never have to make that decision. I support organ donation completely with all my heart, I have a licence plate frame on my car, and I wear a T-Shirt if I had one. <3 Hugs, Djinni

ang said...

Still praying for you guys. Hope sweet Kaidence gets over this pneumonia quickly and that a beautiful heart is on it's way. Keep your chins up, you guys have been through these exhausting and scary days before and you'll make it this time too. You're a strong family and Heavenly Father will take care of you all. :)