Friday, November 16, 2007


Ok, I can breathe now. Kaidence's test came back showing that she does have a form of a Glycogen Storage Disease and in the next couple weeks we should learn more specifics. However, it is a mild case and should not cause a new heart problems in the future. They don't feel that there is much muscle involvement beyond the heart. We are so relieved and once again feel so blessed. I feel guilty that I let my attitude sag a little the last couple of days. So I am sorry to everyone for being a not so good example of faithfulness. Thank You once again for your prayers.


Becky Wertz said...

You are a good example of faithfullness. You let yourself be human and still put your faith in the Lord. That is exactly what you should do. Glad she is okay. Please take care of yourself also.
Spencer and Becky

Ashton's Family said...

That is good news! It sounds like the last couple of days things have gone your way a little bit. I’m so glad you were able to hold your little girl. I hope things are settling down a little. I think your faith is just fine. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to have the media involved and all the attention your family has received and then try to be calm and rational so that you can make important decisions. Someone suggested the other day that you go up to the quiet room or prayer room up on the 3rd floor. I know I used that room a few times. Sometimes it is hard to step away, but it is good to recharge your batteries sometimes too.

Nathan Hardman

Wendy P said...

Yahoo!!! Glad you are at least getting some answers. Take care of yourselves. Continued love and prayers from Wendy & Sarah & Lila & Scott & Yvonne and all those I've shared this with.

Melissa said...

I am glad that Kaidence wasn't the "worst case senario!" I'm glad you finally got your test results. Like you need another thing to worry about! It is ok to feel down once in a while. It doesn't mean your faith is lacking. It means you are worn out, and expectantly so. We are thinking about you.
Melissa - Intermountain Healing Hearts

Djinni said...

Whew! I can breathe better too. I am glad to hear it's a mild case. As with Isaac he has Hydrocephalus (extra fluid on the Brain) which the doctors were worried about at one time, however with the miracle of Faith and prayer he has no symptoms of that at all. In fact he is ahead in some areas as far as his brain goes. Although his heart has had trouble we haven't had any other major problems. I am thankful to know that we are seeing some miracles headed your way for Kaidence. Djinni