Monday, November 12, 2007


First of all, you will never know how much I rely upon your words and advice as you leave comments. I know that as I am hurting or feeling a certain way that in a sense I am not alone. Knowing that people read Kaidence's blog and actually care how I feel makes me feel so loved. The decisions with Kaidence's health are in the Lord's hands. It is too risky to not list Kaidence for a heart. We could get one tomorrow or in 2 months. We don't know if she could be on the machine without complications and let her heart heal or if something could go terribly wrong and we just passed on a heart offer. Too many unknowns and I feel that the Lord would not expect me to gamble on my child's life. We have once again turned everything over to the Lord and he will find a way to bring to pass what is best for Kaidence.

Kaidence has had a slight fever today but it is now gone. Also her white blood cell count is higher, showing that she may have an infection of some sort. An infection at this point could be bad but we just have to wait and see. Her lungs are starting to clear the fluid and we are hoping that she can continued to get her closer to breathing on her own. We will keep the blog updated.


Mp said...

Thanks for taking the time to update the blog often, we look forward to hearing about her condition everyday and although we don't always leave a message we continue to pray everyday for her comfort as the lord watches over her.

Mike, Rebecca & Brinley Patton

Becky Wertz said...

You will be blessed for your continued faith. You and your family are shining stars for the Lords work in a world of increasing darkness and doubt. We hope your family continues to feel the love that is being sent your direction.

Unknown said...

Shauntelle, Mike & Kids
We just want you to know that our Love & Prayers are with you. Your little Family is an example to all of us. Be strong. Love always Kaye Lynn & Kevin Ogden & Kids

Jeff said...

Dear Friends,
I finally got the blog sight. I didn't know what a blog was - SO - it has taken me to a new level of skill. You know, one step at a time for this old lady.
It sounds like things are settling down a bit. Our family thinks of you each day and continue to pray for everyone. I too have been under the weather but have finally, (I think) gotten out from under the bugs. I hope to visit with you soon! Love to you, Julie J & Fam.