Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The last two days have been pretty busy. Kaidence has a new tooth for a total of two teeth and it looks as though another is on it's way. Her gums are VERY swollen. They tried feeding Kaidence again this time real baby food and it did not go so well. I think that she was far too tired to focus on eating. We called the speech therapist in the morning to feed her when she was really awake but it took them 4 hours to come to her room. By that time she was ready for a nap. Kaidence's fever continues and her counts continue to rise again. Today we took her in for another CT scan to make sure they can't see any infection. Nothing was found. She had a pretty good day today. She was happy and playing when we left the hospital tonight. Tomorrow she will have a camera sent down her nose to record her while she eats. They asked me if I thought it would bother her. I couldn't help but laugh. Seemed like a silly question to me. Things seem well lately and I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out on us again. We are grateful that things ARE going so well and best of all Kaidence was re-listed last night for a heart. Yea!!!! We are ready to get a heart, get better and get home!


Ashton's Family said...

I was just thinking about when Ashton was getting his first tooth. His sats looked good, his respiration was good, great coloring and so on but he had a temperature and he was sick to his stomach. We ran blood tests and that all came back good. We didn’t even think about the “normal” baby stuff. After all of the tests it ended up being a tooth that was coming through. We were in this emergency mode all the time that we overlooked the normal baby development.

We just want to let you know that we are still keeping up on your posts and you are in our prayers. My wife’s entire family is redheads. My kids always want to know how that little redheaded baby girl is doing!

The Hardman Family

Traci said...

When Mikayla was in the hospital with the BiVads she had a fever and they couldn't figure out why. They were so worried, they did test after test after test for 2-3 days and they all came back negative. Then after a couple of days Mikayla said mom I have a new tooth, (remind you she was only 10 and they don't get any teeth at that age). So I looked and sure enough...a moller was peeking through, she got her 12 year old mollers early!! I went and told Dr Hildegard at LDS as we all just started laughing, she has kids around that age too and she didn't even think about teething. (It's not like they do much with kids at LDS in the Thoracic ICU so nobody was thinking about that) HAHA

Hopefully that is all it is and we are praying for all of you. I check your blog alot to see how your little angel is doing.

Mikayla always asks how her cute neighbor is doing. Eventhough they werent neighbors very long.

Traci and Mikayla

Megan and Alyvia said...

Congrats!! I am glad she is doing a little better! I haven't seen you guys in a few days, but I am keeping up on your posts. Kaidence really is such a fighter!