Thursday, December 6, 2007


I know that everybody wants to see some updated pics of Kaidence. That would be Mike's department. Bug him like crazy. Ryan and everyone at Mike's work this is your mission for tomorrow.

Kaidence has had a good day today. I think that she is getting more teeth because her gums are very swollen. So swollen that one tooth is completely covered by swollen gums. I think that has made her a little uncomfortable. I dressed her in a cute pink dress which had poop all over it within the first hour. They may have to change out the pump to Kaidence's Berlin Heart because of a blood clot. They are afraid that the clot may break off and go to her brain which in turn could cause a stroke. We are hoping that they can get it taken care of fast. They have sent picture's to the team that came out to put in the pump to see what they suggest. We should hear from them soon. I am a little worried that insurance may not cover the new piece for the pump which cost $68,000.00. Ouch....We will do whatever is needed to take care of Kaidence and I would have them change it out this minute if I could. I don't like waiting and taking any chances. Her safety and health comes first no matter what. Other than that things are well. The boys are cute as can be and getting excited for Christmas.


Melissa said...

I hope they are able to act quick and take care of the clot! That is one expecive piece of equipment! Ouch! We are thinking about you!
Intermountain Healing HEarts

Anonymous said...

That Berlin heart must be made out of gold. But price doesn't mean a thing when it comes to her life. I hope that they act quickly to take care of the problem. She has come so far and made such incredible progress. I will check back to see how things are going. Love you, Aunt Deb

Kinder family said...

I hope they take care of the clot soon. You are right you can not put a price tag on things like this whith your children. We all do what we need for our kids. If we are faithful I do believe all will work out fine in one way or another. And with the faith your family has had I believe all will work out for the best you all. Love from The Kinder Family

Ryan said...

I'm doing my part Telle. I have drove him nuts today. Thanks for the opportunity.