Friday, December 7, 2007


So, things seemed to move pretty quickly this morning. The clot on the pump seemed to grow a little overnight and so they replaced the old pump with a new one this morning before I made it to the hospital. All went smoothly with that. They also did a dressing change on her wound site this morning and they feel that things are looking better and with some time should be well. During everything else we continue to wait for our pager to go off. Thank You for all of the extra prayers for our little one and our family.


Denise said...

I'm so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who continues to watch over and bless Kaidence. I can breathe a little easier now.

Love - Mom

Kinder family said...

It is good to hear that the blood clot is gone. I have been thinking about that all day. I am happy that things are going good again for Kaidence. I bet she is getting so big. Before you know it she will be in my nursery class playing with all her little friends.

Anonymous said...

So our prayers are answered one more time. Our Father in Heaven is taking such good care of her through the great hands of the Doctors. Hang in there Kaidence. Great blessings are in store for you. Love Aunt Deb