Monday, January 21, 2008


Ok, I think I have a minute. Kaidence had another Cardiology appt. She had an echo as well that looked "fantastic." Her EF was at 72%. I think they say that a low normal is 55%. We are so thankful for such great numbers after having 3-5% EF. She has a wonderful little heart in her. We are overwhelmingly thankful.

Well, we thought Camden was over it, but he started coughing again and has complained that his chest and throat hurt. He would cough in his sleep and way up crying. He says "my cough hurts." He started throwing up as well this morning and my sweet mother-in-law came and took care of the boys and scrubbed puke out of the carpets and couch. We are so sorry that she had that to deal with. I took Camden to the doctors this afternoon and got him on an antibiotic. If he is not better in 3-4 days we will do a chest x-ray and check for pneumonia. He is not feeling well at all. He slept on my lap during the appt. His doctor made the comment of how unlike him that was. We are just trying to keep everyone separated. Mike's mom took McCaden home with her for the night.

Kaidence' s throwing up has been better today. So far only once. I think it is is due to her cold and thick secretions. Doctors don't seemed to worried so far. She is as happy as can be and loves all of the craziness that happens here.