Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hey, look at me.. I added this picture all by myself. Mike will be so impressed. Well, Kaidence loves to eat squash but she is pretty strong willed and really thinks that she should just feed herself. This is what happened.........

So today I am actually cooking dinner. Crazy huh? It has been so long since I have felt "normal" that it is a nice change. However, I am sure that next week when I blog I will be feeling differently, because I have to fix dinner. However, I hoping that I will never forget how many nights I sat at the hospital wishing and hoping that I was home doing all of the crazy mommy and wife stuff like folding wash and cooking dinner and cleaning Pepsi up off my wood floors. I would think "those were the days". You get a new perspective on things.

Camden is feeling better and I think that Kaidence is as well. No throwing up today. We are always happy about that. Camden was a little snuggle bug last night and his personality is really starting to show. he is such a cutie pie. I think that Kaidence continues making great progress, we couldn't be happier. McCaden is once again cleaning. In fact I am feeling guilty to be blogging while he is cleaning. He just finished doing the dishes and cleaning out the sink. He cleaned my laundry room the other night and sorted all of my laundry that somehow never seems to be able to make it 3 more steps to the basket. I told him I wrote about him on the blog and that many of you responded saying "I need McCaden to come to my house." So now he said that after he finishes the dishes that he will put together a work schedule for himself so he can clean other peoples houses. You never know I just may need a place to drop him off one day...HA HA.......


Kinder family said...

Kaidence is so cute. She looks so happy. It might be messy but it just shows she is growing up. Kaidence, Happy 11 months. It is good to know that Camden is starting to feel better.
Love Jill
P.S. I hope McCaden liked his cake.

carolyn q said...

Every kid needs to have a picture with their food all over their face as they are learning to feed themselves. So it's good to see that Kaidence is no exception!
She is an absolute cutie pie.
It's wonderful to see that glimmer in her eyes.
I am glad that your family is feeling better, whew. . what a relief.


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