Sunday, February 3, 2008


Today I took Camden to church and Mike, McCaden and Kaidence stayed home. McCaden is sick. The doctor said that he may have the para-influenza virus, but they are not sure. He has had a terrible sore throat, body aches, headache, sick tummy (no throwing up), cough, runny nose, runny eyes, fatigue (if you can believe that) and a fever. It has been wierd because the fever comes and goes. It makes him feel terrible and very sleepy when it gets high, but then I can give him Tylenol and once his fever drops he is playing again. No pattern to it, but very sudden changes in behavior and pain. It was nice to get out today and go to church. I have not been out and about much. It was also nice to fast this Sunday for someone other than my daughter. Fasting is so very important. I think that we often underestimate the power of it and therefore undermine the importance of it.

Tomorrow we have a big day ahead of us. Kaidence has Cardiology at 8:45 with an echo. We then check-in for surgery at 12:30 and she has the OR scheduled for her at 2:30. I guess alot of waiting. Kaidence is getting her line removed. This is the line in her chest that they used to deliver medication and draw blood from. So after this is removed Kaidence will have blood draws 2 times a week and get poked for it. I hope that they can find a vein that is useable. I am nervous for tomorrow. Kinda funny since she has had two major open heart surgeries and numerous little surgeries. She has had this procedure done many times before, but she was in the PICU then and they were in charge of giving all of the medical history, not me. I hope I get it all correct. I might just send them to the PICU to get their questions answered.

Kaidence is eating her squash very well. She ate all 3 meals today with us. Last night she ate over a 1/2 container of squash (huge deal for us) and no throwing up. She seems like she is getting exctited to eat. Still nothing sweet, she only likes the bland foods. We will pull up her feeding tube to her tummy tomorrow or the next day. She loves to chew on everything and anything. We have a happy little family and I love having us all together no matter what we are doing!


Sam Anderson said...

It was really good to bump into you two today, I had a good feeling that I would see you yesterday and I was hoping I would. Too bad we couldnt stay and talk a little more. Kaidence looks so adorable. Take care, we're still senting our love and prays your way.
Love Melynda