Sunday, May 11, 2008


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Today was the best Mother's Day ever. For the first time in 10 months we all went to church together, even Kaidence. It felt wonderful to all be at church together. I have dreamed about this day for a long time and thought about every Sunday as I attended Sacrament Meeting up at the hospital, although at times it felt like that day may never come. It is all about the simple things. Kaidence seemed very excited and she was very interested in the big hanging lights in the chapel. The boy also sang for Mothers Day and they were so good and cute. No picking their noses or anything of the sort. It was wonderful to bring Kaidence to see all of the wonderful people that had fasted and prayed for her SO MANY times. We are forever grateful for their faith and love. I know they will never understand what they have done for us. They were a major part of the many miracles that have played out in Kaidence's life. My cardiologist asked how we did it and I told her it was all of the fasting and prayers. We are so grateful to have the gospel in our lives. We are grateful for all of the prayers that were given in Kaidence's behalf, no matter what religion or background. We thank you all.

We have once again had a busy, but good week. The last week was a little crazy with misc. school stuff. I went to school and celebrated McCaden's Half Birthday since his is in the summer. We made him a poster and a little portfolio. Camden decided to tattoo himself with brown marker as well as the basement wall. So NO we do not beat our children. It is just that the "washable" marker isn't all that washable and it makes his arm look worse now. We went dress hunting for the American Heart Association Black Tie Gala Dinner. Worked in the yard, got Kaidence's immunizations current and went to cardiology of course. Her appointment went well and her white count is still doing great. Kaidence has really blossomed the past 2 weeks. She has grown so much and seems so happy. She loves to play with her brothers. She also got her first haircut (Thanks Tina). It looks adorable. Kaidence's hair is VERY thick in the back and so Tina did a little razor cutting to thin it out a little so we could flip it out and style it. She also seems to be taking her milk a little better (somedays). Also, she signed "milk" the other day. Can you believe it? It worked and I have to give a Big Hug Thank You to Rachel Coleman and Family. They are the ones that do the "Signing Time" DVD's and television show. They saw that we were in need of some DVD's to teach Kaidence and so they had the first series delivered to our home. Thank You so much for your kindness. My Kaidence loves to watch them with her brother Camden. Camden has really picked up on his signs and this helps reinforce signs with Kaidence. He picks the "Signing Time" movies over anything else right now. Thank You for thinking of our family. We have been surrounded by so many kind and gracious people. We are grateful for every baby step in the right direction and for everyday that we can feel "normal," whatever that means.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you again for all you have done to help bring us through our trials.


carolyn q said...

WOW, you have been very busy! I am sure it was amazing to be in church all together as a family. Oh, I wished I could have witnessed it, because I would not have had a dry eye.
I have learned so much through watching your sweet family be so strong through this trial. Kaidenace was born to the right family and in those moments that you wondered if you were doing the right thing. . .you did because you never lost faith.
Heart Hugs and your Friend,
Carolyn Quigley
Angel Hope's Mom

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day Sunday must have been for your family. You deserve the mother of the year award. What a year this has been. I just always sit and ponder the many miracles that we have all witnessed. People still ask about her, and they are always so happy when I tell them how well she is doing. I bet you feel like you have been let out of prison, being able to take Kaidence out of the house. What a wonderful blessing that is. We keep you in our prayers that she will continue to grow and develop. You and Mike have truly been an inspiration to everyone. Many live will be forever changed, because of how you have handled this situation. Testimonies have grown and conversions to the Gospel are happening. May life continue to treat you well. Love and blessings to all of you, Aunt Deb

Kingsford Family said...

You are an inspiration to me! I am so happy that your family is doing "normal" things again, especially going to church together! We are looking forward to that day soon too. Kaidence has touched so many lives and helped strengthen testimonies.

Taryn's Mom