Wednesday, June 18, 2008


OK, so we are losing weight instead of gaining. I took Kaidence in today for some blood work. I weighed her and she has lost weight. What???? I should have mentioned in my last post that she has been on Pediasure for about 4 months. I have been trying a new product that my doctor gave to me called Duocal. It adds even more calories to her food and you can add it to anything, even bake with it. That would be great if we could get her to eat. She aspirated the other night and then threw it up. She has also started throwing up today and she looks not so great and now I don't smell so great. We will wait and see what happens. Hopefully, she can hold down her meds and we can keep her home.

I was tagged by my here it goes:

1. My Husband
2. My Kids
3. Miracles

1. Something serious happening to someone in my family (again)
2. Natural Disaster
3. My kids growing up to be naughty ( they are GREAT kids, I just wouldn't be me if I did not worry about EVERYTHING)

1. Keep my sanity from day to day as I raise my 3 beautiful, energetic children
2. Enjoy and savor the little things in life with my kiddos and hubby
3. Spiritually feed my children, my marriage and myself

Current Obsessions/Collections:
1. Kaidence's Lab results/ medication schedule
2. My collection of dust
3. Chocolate and Pepsi (working on it)

Random Facts About Myself
1. I cannot shower at a hotel EVER without flip flops ( doesn't matter how nice)
2. I have never had a ticket or a broken bone (I am just asking for it.....I knocked on wood, Don't worry)
3. I have super long toes (now you'll all be looking)

Now I tag


Em said...

I am sorry that you smell like puke, and even more sorry that Kaidence is puking. Hopefully, she gets feeling better!
Emily and Mike

The Boys Rule said...

What??? Thanks a lot Shauntelle, now I have to actually spend five minutes and update my blog. I guess I need a little kick in the pants to get it done.

angie said...

certainly there must be another angie whom you have tagged and has a shoe problem!! And I'm telling ya, get that little girl some chocolate p. butter Ice cream! most calories of your ice creams, and tasts oh so good!

Summer said...

I hope sweet little Kaidence is feeling better. Mason sends his xoxoxo. love, Summer

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