Friday, February 5, 2010

The end to our week!

Sorry about the last post. I felt so icky that I just didn't have the energy to post in more detail. I am slowly getting better, and I am SO grateful for that. I just needs a lot of sleep and medication.

Wednesday morning Kaidence had the good old 4AM chest x-ray (oh how we miss those) and then she had her echo later that morning. Both looked good. The stints looked like they were holding. They wanted to keep her there most of the day and then do another chest xray around 4PM. If all looked well then we could go.

So during that waiting time. Mike and I ran upstairs for a 2 hour eye appointment for Camden. We didn't dare cancel, because it took us months to get in. Needless to say, Camden gets to pick out a pair of glasses. He is so excited.

Later that afternoon Dr. Gray came and told us that things still look well and that we could go home. Obviously, we did not need to be in the CICU. I found it interesting that when I took K to the potty in the until she walked by her old room, pointed and said 'my room'. I was shocked! We stayed next door to our old room, in the room that our buddy Ryker stayed in. We thought of him a lot being in there. Kaidence was discharged for the CICU (primary's now has a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) that evening around 5PM.

So today was a follow up xray to look at those stints. I could see the relief on Dr. Grays face as he told us that everything was still in its place. He was kind. He apologized for the complications this week and said that he knew that it made it a long week of worry for our family as well as all of her doctors. I have a great sense of relief today. We will follow up in cardiology in 2 weeks and check the blood flow to be sure everything is working and that platelets aren't sticking to the stint since it is out in the open. She has been started on baby aspirin to try to help prevent that from happening. Dr. Gray will try to expand the part of the stint that is hanging out of the LPA in her next heart cath in about a year. Other than that no other restriction expect going to Disneyland to ride the rides for 3 months. Shouldn't be a problem since we had no plans to go and do that in the first place (I wish we did though).

So here we are. The week has been long and once again tested our faith in many, to do what was best for Kaidence. This is honestly the first time that I did not know what direction was best for Kaidence. Would surgery be better than a stint that looked unstable and one stint that wasn't even needed in her RPA? I didn't know. I just knew that we turned it over to the Lord, He would know what was best and we accepted that. Thank You for all of your prayers, phone calls and concern for our daughter. Thanks also to my great neighbor and mother in law for babysitting the boys, My Sister for bringing dinner and my other neighbor who brought me a loaf of bread and my Pepsi with a Lime ( I needed it). And MANY thanks to all of our other family and friends for their love and support. We love you all!


Becca said...

I am so glad that your home!! I can't believe you went right from the CICU to home. That's awesome. I am sorry it's been such a roller coaster for you guys this week. We've been praying for you.

Becca-Ellie's mom

Me said...

Phew, I am so glad that she did not have to have surgery. I have been so worried and concerned for you guys. I hope you get feeling better very soon. xoxooxxo

Summer said...

Shauntelle, I feel so bad. I had not checked on you guys since Monday when all went well in the cath lab! I should know better than that.....our little heart kiddos usually like to send us for a roller coaster ride before heading home!! Sorry you've been sick too :( I will Keep K in our prayers that everything continues to go well now (And you too...Moms can not get sick!!)
Mason sends his xoxoxo to little Miss K!!
Loves to the whole family too!! Get Better!!!

ang said...

Yeah! That is wonderful news! It was so nice to see you both yesterday and I wish we'd had more time to catch up. What a week you've had! Try to get some rest now though, the scary things are behind you. Ü

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